Our Story

Life has taught us to LIVE IN THE MOMENT. There is no time to waste and no time to plan the future, the FUTURE is now! With that thought, in 2020, three young, fun-loving, witty, and extremely passionate women in their 20s, hitting work 9-6 felt a dire urge to do something more, something BIG, that could add value to the life of brands & help them in experiencing the real creative potential in branding & social media marketing. That very notion gave birth to Hassle Bae, a boutique creative agency that has now worked with 50+ brands in India & abroad.

Being in the social media marketing industry individually for more than 8 years, we have closely looked at the gaps that exist between a client and their creative needs. We realized how people have an eye for introducing a good product or service, but often fail to brand it well and build a loyal social media community around it. We wanted to move away from the conventional templatizing methodology and rather build tailored creative solutions for our clients.

We are artists- Brand Cullinerars, as we like to call ourselves at Hassle Bae – A boutique creative agency. We feel that each brand goes through the hassle of choosing the right name, tagline, design, color, fonts, and photography, building the right social media presence and website, building a community, and so on. Now that’s a lot of HASSLE! Well, we HUSTLE for your HASSLE! Here, we make the perfect creative cocktail under one roof and offer each brand a unique flavor.

A little something about the Co-founders 

The trio – Tanvi Mahajan Pundora, Sunidhi Gaur, and Sukriti Saluja are extremely passionate about building brands, narrating their unique stories, building communities, and driving social media presence.

Tanvi Mahajan Pundora, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer comes with 8+ years of content, marketing, communications, and digital PR experience. She started her journey with the textile brand – Fabriclore, followed by Perfect Relations, a PR agency, where she flawlessly juggled happy clients. She is truly a people person, right from client servicing and Marcom to building unique content strategies, she is an unstoppable force when it comes to taking social media to the next level. 

Sunidhi Gaur, co-founder, and Chief Marketing officer has been in the domain for 8+ years. A true example of- “a jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” Kicking off her career at Fabriclore in the field of Social media marketing, she happened to meet Tanvi & Sukriti and instantly bonded over their common love for creative communication.

Sunidhi has also written songs – Dive in, Sooni Si Raatein, and Tuu Jo Mila, released by Zee Music Company. Always an experimentalist, she has worked as a video producer and host on the YouTube Channel – Placement Interviews, bringing young aspirants the knowledge to further their careers.

After freelancing with fashion brands like – Kessa and Alaa in the field of content, design & social media marketing, you can now catch her unleashing her multi-expertise at Hassle Bae. Sunidhi masters the art of developing content strategies, designing, content writing, client servicing & creative direction. Driven by her insatiable thirst for the new and the meaningful, she is always head-deep in research.

Sukriti Saluja, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer packs 8+ years of experience in designing! Having started her career with Periscope she moved to – Fabriclore where she met her future co-founders. She has worked with Chaayos building their packaging, beautifying their socials, and more. With every design under her skillful hands, her eye for aesthetics and ability to adapt to the ever-changing design trends keep our creative harvest fresh and lively. Rebel at heart, she is always bold in going beyond the client brief to do justice to the message.

A new-age approach towards providing creative solutions

 We take our morning coffee with spoonfuls of design, content, and strategy. Our young team of driven creators strongly believes that each brand has a unique journey that deserves its beaming spotlight. We strive to design versatile tailor-made social media campaigns that suit the brand’s tone with a message so clear that it makes crystals question their clarity.

We aspire to work with brands who see the potential in social media – more than just being another platform for selling but an opportunity to create a loyal community by providing value to the audience! We believe, that if you want your customers to marry your products or services, you must have a unique social profile for your brand, something that makes the audience stay for a lifetime.

Our Services

Our service portfolio includes:

  • Organic Social Media Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Website Development
  • Video Editing
  • Branding and Creative Photography
  • Performance and Influencer Marketing


Milestones achieved in 3+ years

Working with 50+ brands, only affirmed our belief that “For brands, there is more to Social Media than just selling, it is about building a brand identity that withstands the test of time”.

Within a short period, we have learned to extract water from a parched land amidst the pandemic by honing our creative skills, learning and unlearning each day, while delivering awesomeness to brands across the globe in the past 3+ years.

We love to work with brands that we can personally connect with. Our top most-loved industries include Fashion, Food, Lifestyle and Wellness. Our client portfolio extends to brands like Gladful (funded at Shark Tank 2), Prasiddhi Forest Foundation & The Green Pillar (founded by Prasiddhi Singh, Prime Minister National Child Awardee), IMbesharam (India’s Top Adult Toys Store) Imbue, I’m Laiqa (Co-founded by Tapsee Panu), The Sacred Amritsar (Organized by Teamwork Arts), Conscious Food, Currygram, FFAB, Live Linen, Cookie n Creme, Paulsons, Siloho, Fretus Partners, and Evaan Elevators to name a few.

Now touching on 4 years, we are registered under Startup India & have two offices – a virtual registered office space in Noida & an operating office in Shahpur Jat, South Delhi. We have had the fortunate opportunity to build a thriving network of full-time employees, consultants, freelancers, and agencies.

Women Entrepreneurship, Prioritising Work-life Balance and Promoting Gig Workers

Women entrepreneurs from non-business backgrounds running a 100% bootstrapped startup, we are a triple treat! The journey has been challenging, to say the least. The trio has juggled multiple roles from admin to client servicing to business development to actual executing hands for every possible thing. The vision to create a haven for the creative youth has kept us going through numerous hurdles along the way.

Working closely on both the brand and the agency front, we felt the immediate need to create a set-up where co-workers have the flexibility and freedom to spread their creative wings. Hence, we built an environment that not only is supported by full-time employees but also is an open space for collaborating with gig workers and ensuring an evenly distributed workload.

To create a healthy work-life balance we have a hybrid work model, that allows the team to work remotely or from the office. Agency life brings copious amounts of pressure, but we believe nothing is above your mental and physical health.

We aim to minimize the pressure by collaborating with different gig workers on a personal level, getting to know their industry preferences, and assigning them projects that align best with their abilities as well as interests. Creative fields are built on collaborative efforts and we believe each project should be a fair and win-win situation for the company as well as the people working behind it.

To cut a long story short, We LOVE what we do, and nothing makes us happier than helping young brands thrive.


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