His primary expertise has been developing innovative products through frugal and reliable processes of production.

After completing his Masters in Business Administration, Shiv co-founded Forisca, a brand focused on disrupting the guest supplies and other bath amenities in hospitality industry.

Forisca, is a boot strapped, eco-friendly hotel amenities manufacturing and export company, producing high end goods for ultra-luxury hidden gems. Forisca services some of the best names in the industry.

Sustainability is the need of the hour, and the focus is on educating people. Through Forisca, people can evidently see that the products are not just plastic free, vegan and cruelty free, but there is a story behind each and every product.

Right from the process of research and development, to procurement of raw materials, to production, to conversion into finished goods, the lifecycle and end use of every product is minutely studied and verified. This further translates that Forisca is keen to create an impact by reducing an impact.

Under Shiv’s leadership, team Forisca has been successful in developing unique, luxurious and sustainable products for the hospitality industry at competitive prices.

His idea to think, develop and grow holistically is appreciating. Its not just about the growth of the company, but also of its employees. Shiv believes in giving back to the society. That is why, many of the workforce in Forisca’s facility are from the nearby slum area to generate employment.

He also focuses on women empowerment by giving employment to females for the packaging work. Here, we can see how empathy plays a pivotal role, and is one of the pillars of this company.

Shiv’s philosphy of dedication, delegation and consistency has led Forisca to see a remarkable growth in revenue through product acceptance in the market. The prime markets have been – Maldives, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bhutan, Europe and Seychelles.

Sustainable expansion is what they are looking at. After an overwhelming response from the hospitality industry in various countries, and regular queries from people around the world requesting to buy Forisca products, this brand is soon set to enter the retail market and offer these high-end products on e-commerce channels.


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