Ukraine 24th Mechanised Brigade: Life on the Front

In the remnants of what once were habitable structures, Officer “Jimmy”, a seasoned veteran of the Ukrainian army, ponders his unexpected survival. “I’ve been fortunate in a game of war that’s unpredictable,” he muses. His comrades believe it’s more than luck; they see it as a sign of destiny.

Jimmy’s unit, the famed 24th Mechanised Brigade, has roots that trace back to long-standing confrontations with the Russians since 2014. Yet, the geopolitical earthquake of the February 2022 invasion has reshaped its very fabric. From being a core component of Ukraine’s defence strategy, the brigade has evolved to mirror the nation’s resilience against an increasingly aggressive adversary.

During a fortnight in the industrial heartland of Donbas, our team witnessed the metamorphosis of the 24th Brigade. We also ventured to their original base in western Ukraine, where the shadows of their legacy still linger.

With the onset of the war, the army’s manpower surged, infusing it with a mix of fresh faces. One such new recruit is “Yurii”, a young entrepreneur from Kyiv. From handling a rifle to piloting the brigade’s latest drone tech, his journey reflects the innovative spirit driving Ukraine’s defence efforts.

However, volunteering comes at a price. Apart from facing life-threatening situations, these soldiers are bound by duty until the cessation of conflict, with minimal respites. For many, this service isn’t about economic gain but a call to defend their homeland.

Age has ceased to be a barrier in this new-age Ukrainian military. A perfect example is “Hryb”, a 52-year-old artillery gun sergeant. His experience with Soviet-era weaponry makes him a valuable asset in handling the dated arsenal still in use today.

The human cost of the ongoing conflict is evident. Families across Ukraine grapple with uncertainty, pain, and loss. The dilemma for many soldiers, especially those with grievous injuries, is whether to return to the front lines or embrace a life altered forever.

Although recruitment figures remain undisclosed, the influx of middle-aged volunteers suggests a fierce competition for younger, able-bodied men. Several, evading conscription, have found illicit means to escape the draft, pointing to the gravity of the war’s impact on the nation.

Despite the intense challenges, the aspirations of units like the 24th Brigade remain undeterred. They aim not for a shaky truce but a decisive victory. The memory of their fallen comrades, immortalized in places like the Lviv cemetery, fuels their determination.

Natalia Nezhura’s story encapsulates the raw emotion of this conflict. Her attempts to keep her brother, Andrii, away from the front were in vain. Like countless Ukrainians, she seeks not just peace but justice. Her grief reflects a collective sentiment: a nation’s yearning for resolution and recognition.

Over the years, periodic skirmishes marked the landscape of the Ukraine-Russia conflict. Yet, today, as each Ukrainian feels personally connected to the war, only an unequivocal triumph would quench their thirst for justice and peace.


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