Solapur (Maharashtra) [India], July 10: Hailing from the lively city of Solapur, Tejaswini Jadhav, born on October 16, 2001, is emerging as both a renowned fashion model and an adept rifle shooter. Her remarkable journey, marked by dedication and passion, serves as a beacon of motivation for the younger generation to chase diverse dreams.

From her younger years, Tejaswini displayed a keen interest in modeling and rifle shooting. Her entrance into the fashion realm began when she stepped onto the runway, and her persistence soon earned her noteworthy opportunities with several fashion labels, impressing the industry and her increasing followers.

Notably, her fashion career has seen numerous accolades, with leading brands recognizing her abilities. Her compelling aura and skillset have led to her distinction as Solapur’s inaugural fashion model listed on IMDB.

For her next project, Tejaswini teams up with Kore Clothing Piont, a reputable fashion brand established in 2016. Known for their quality and contemporary designs, they offer an extensive collection, available on platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. Instagram ID: Kore Clothing Point

Parallel to her modeling achievements, Tejaswini has showcased incredible talent in rifle shooting. She’s dedicated countless hours to perfect her craft, even serving as a trainer at various camps. Her prowess was notably spotlighted at the esteemed ATC Camp Pune 2019.

Academically, Tejaswini, an Ex-NCC cadet, showcases discipline and leadership, performing well in her C-set examinations.

Discussing her ambitions, Tejaswini envisions herself excelling as a top-tier model and rifle shooter, continuously elevating her potential in both arenas. Her journey stands as testament to the idea that with determination, effort, and a continuous learning mindset, one can shine in diverse fields.

Yashwant Production, a distinguished name in the industry, handles Tejaswini’s modeling career. Instagram ID: Yashwant Productions

As she forges ahead in both modeling and shooting, Solapur and India alike celebrate her accomplishments and look forward to her future endeavors. Tejaswini embodies resilience and skill, showing that with zeal, commitment, and a fearless spirit, any sphere can be mastered.

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