**Muzaffarnagar School Sealed After Teacher Incites Violence Against 7-Year-Old**

In a recent incident from Muzaffarnagar, authorities have sealed a private school where a young boy, aged seven, was physically assaulted by fellow students, allegedly under the directives of their teacher. The shocking event occurred in Neha Public School located in Khubbapur village.

Tripta Tyagi, a 60-year-old teacher who is also the owner of the school, reportedly made derogatory remarks based on the boy’s faith, using the term “Mohammedan children”, and urged the classmates to hit the boy, allegedly for making an error in his multiplication tables.

The incident came to public attention after a video clip from the classroom went viral, showing the child being beaten. Tyagi can be heard in the background, seemingly hinting at the boy’s faith and suggesting that Muslim students should go elsewhere.

While Tyagi has been formally charged under IPC sections pertaining to causing hurt and intentional insult intending to disrupt peace, she has not been apprehended given the bailable nature of the offenses.

Following the incident, an inquiry revealed the school’s inadequate infrastructure and lack of essential amenities. Not meeting the set criteria, it led to the school’s closure. “The school was functioning in an under-construction building and the students were being taught at Tyagi’s residence. The environment was devoid of basic facilities such as fans or lights,” informed an unnamed official. Given the findings, there are ongoing discussions about de-recognizing Neha Public School from the UP Education Board.

For now, the students of Neha Public School, which totals around 50, will be transferred to a government school within the village or other schools in the district.

The distressing incident has not only evoked a strong reaction from the local community but has also caught the attention of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR). The NCPCR has called upon the Senior Superintendent of Police in Muzaffarnagar to investigate the matter further, launching an FIR against Tyagi. They have also sought an action report to be presented within a week.

Simultaneously, the NCPCR has directed the District Magistrate of Muzaffarnagar to take action in alignment with Section 17 of the RTE Act, 2009, which deals with subjects related to the physical punishment or mental harassment of children.

Muzaffarnagar School Sealed, With only two schools in Khubbapur village, residents express concerns about the limited educational options. Neha Public School, established in 2019, was an affordable alternative for many families in comparison to other distant private schools that charge significantly higher fees.

While the child’s family has withdrawn him from Neha Public School and is seeking alternative educational arrangements, Tyagi and her family have chosen to remain silent on the matter, expressing distress over the episode.


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