North Korea-Russia: North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, conveyed a strong message of support to Russian president Vladimir Putin amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. During their meeting, Kim Jong Un denounced what he perceives as the West’s imperialism and was assertive in his belief that Russia would emerge victorious from its “special military operation” in Ukraine.

Highlighting his faith in the capabilities of the Russian military, Kim Jong Un raised a toast to honor the Russian army, predicting its triumph against the “great evil” that he associated with Western hegemony. He also hailed the historical ties between Russia and North Korea and the tradition of victories shared by the two nations.

Amidst speculations by Western intelligence agencies that Russia might be in the process of procuring weapons from North Korea for the conflict in Ukraine, both countries have firmly denied any such arrangements. This context makes the meeting between the two leaders even more significant.

During the meeting, Putin reciprocated the sentiment by praising the enduring friendship between Moscow and Pyongyang. He drew attention to the historical bond formed during Korea’s fight for freedom in 1945, when Soviet and Korean soldiers united against Japanese oppressors. Reiterating the significance of this longstanding camaraderie, Putin raised a toast to the future collaboration between the two nations and celebrated their joint aspirations for peace, stability, and prosperity in their shared region.

In essence, the meeting underscored the strong alliance between Russia and North Korea, emphasizing their shared interests and mutual support against perceived common adversaries.


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