iPhone 15 Global Pricing: Apple’s much-anticipated “Wonderlust” event witnessed the grand unveiling of the iPhone 15 series, sparking keen interest worldwide. The series is set to be available from September 22. However, discerning customers are in for a shock, given the stark disparity in pricing across markets like India, the US, and Hong Kong.

Surprisingly, despite speculations around the iPhone 15 Pro’s price surge in the US, India sees a noticeable hike. The iPhone 15 Pro’s cost has been upped by Rs 5,000, and the Pro Max’s price has swelled by Rs 20,000. This makes the base variant of the iPhone 15 Pro Max the priciest iPhone ever launched, with the 1 TB storage variant nearly touching the Rs 200,000 mark.

Our comprehensive analysis reveals a clear upward price trend for iPhones in India since the iPhone 3G’s launch. In India, the iPhone 15 series’ prices seem reasonable for the baseline models, mainly when accounting for a Rs 5,000 discount available for HDFC card users. But when juxtaposed against global prices, the difference is startling. While bank discounts and trade-in offers could narrow this gap, the Pro series prices are on the higher end of the spectrum in India.

In an international context, the most economical avenue for acquiring an iPhone 15 remains the US. Taking into account the typical US sales tax, the iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max still stands at about 25% cheaper than in India. However, potential buyers should note that US-bought iPhone 15s only support eSIM, eliminating the conventional physical SIM card slot. Given the eSIM support from Indian telecommunications giants like Jio, Airtel, and Vi, this isn’t expected to deter many.

The allure of Apple’s international warranty provides additional incentive for international purchases, as it guarantees seamless repairs for iPhones procured abroad. Markets like Dubai, Hong Kong, and Vietnam also offer the iPhone 15 Pro series at significantly reduced rates. For instance, in Hong Kong, the iPhone 15 Pro is priced around Rs 91,000, rendering it almost Rs 35,000 less than its Indian counterpart.

In conclusion, while the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus may be competitively priced, the Pro models come with a hefty tag in India. Potential buyers might find it worthwhile to scout international markets for a better deal, provided they’re comfortable adapting to the eSIM technology.


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