Dr. Y Rakhi, friends, today there would hardly be any person associated with the astrology world who does not know this great personality. Dr. Y Rakhi, who has created a distinct identity for herself not only in India but also abroad with her talent, does not need any identity today. Even today her story is no less than an inspiration for millions of women.

Born in Delhi, Dr. Y Rakhi’s childhood was exactly like that of an ordinary child, but what made her most extraordinary was her thinking and her knowledge. Friends, Dr. Y Rakhi completed her schooling from Banasthali Vidyapeeth Rajasthan. But that was the era when girls were married early, and following this tradition, Rakhi ji’s parents also got her married early.

Friends, after marriage, Rakhi ji faced a lot of struggles but still she never let her passion for learning die. And even after marriage, despite facing many struggles, Rakhi ji studied many things related to Astrology like Feng Shui, Vastu Shastra, Numerology, Color therapy, Tarot Card etc.

Friends, it is said that knowledge is never wasted, Rakhi ji also kept studying astrology and at the same time kept giving consulting to people. But still Rakhi ji was waiting for a big opportunity and that big opportunity came into her life as YouTube.

Dr. Y Rakhi also started uploading her videos on YouTube so that she could make her voice reach more and more people. But the path to success is not easy; we have to face new challenges at every step and every turn. This journey of Rakhi ji was also not easy, people left no stone unturned to pull her back, but Rakhi ji remained firm on her decision and today the result is in front of you.

Today on YouTube Dr. Y Rakhi has crores of followers, today Dr. Y Rakhi has a lot of followers on all other social media handles including Instagram and Facebook. In the world of astrology, Dr. Y Rakhi has won more than thousands of awards so far. Not only this, till now many predictions made by Dr Y Rakhi have also come true. Not only YouTube, Dr Y Rakhi is also very active on many TV channels today and is making tireless efforts to spread her knowledge to as many people as possible. And the remedies suggested by her have improved the lives of millions of people till now.


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