Dr. Taara Malhotra a Psychic & Clairvoyant, based in Delhi, holds the esteemed title of “Tarot Queen” in the World Book of Records. With an impressive collection of 182 Tarot and Oracle Decks, her remarkable talent in reading and predicting outcomes has gained global recognition. With over 15years of experience she is the President of Holistic Council, Chamber of Trade & Industry & Vice President WHRO.

As India’s first psychic on Discovery Channel & seen regularly on TV & Media she is celebrated for her expertise in Tarot reading, astrological wisdom, Lama Fera healing, Numerology, Coffee Cup Reading, Angel Healing , Maha Kali and other divine modalities. She is a trailblazer in the realms of divine energy, healing, and teaching of energy-based modalities.
She has been guiding, consulting & teaching people across the globe and has written book “ Mindful Miracles”.

Dr. Taara Malhotra’s mastery over Vastu , Tarot, numerology & spiritual modalities reflects her dedication and profound knowledge, offering transformative experiences that empower individuals to navigate life with clarity and confidence. She is a guardian of ancient wisdom and a beacon of authenticity in the world of divination, providing guidance that transcends ordinary understanding. She is also a Life Coach for many celebrities of India.


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