New Delhi (India), January 9: Born in Chennai and grew up in Mumbai, Rohan Kailasam is a true Bombay person at heart. So, when he wrote Wastra it was evident that not just thorough research about the city but also a devotion to the city’s majestic soul had gone behind the writing of this book.

Rohan has recreated the Bombay of the 90s down to its core. The novel although set in modern-day Mumbai the major chunk of Wastra is in a flashback set in Bombay.

This novel takes readers on an unforgettable journey through the dark but dynamic streets of 90s Bombay, capturing the essence of the city with vivid descriptions, intriguing locales, and a captivating storyline.

Shalini embarks on a thrilling investigation after stumbling upon a crucial clue in a photograph. As she follows the trail through the labyrinth-like streets of Colaba she encounters Shinde and this is the start of all the secrets unfolding. The author’s meticulous attention to detail brings the bustling atmosphere of Colaba to life, immersing readers in its sights, sounds, and surreal emotions.

But the true brilliance of Wastra lies in its portrayal of Bombay’s underworld. Rohan weaves a complex web of interconnected stories, delving into the dark undercurrents that permeate the city. From the haunting tales of the Iran-Iraq war to the tumultuous history of the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, the novel seamlessly integrates real-world events into its narrative, providing a deep understanding of the forces shaping Bombay’s underworld.

The author’s vivid descriptions transport readers to the heart of the city’s communal riots, capturing the tension and chaos that gripped Bombay during that era.

As Shalini races against time to unlock the secrets hidden within Shinde’s alcoholic mind, readers are on a thrilling and thought-provoking journey. The author’s masterful storytelling and attention to detail make Wastra a truly immersive experience, allowing readers to feel like they are walking the streets of 90s Bombay alongside the characters.

Through Wastra, Rohan Kailasam adds an air of mystique and intrigue, further enriching the narrative and keeping readers on the edge of their seats. It is a novel that perfectly captures the essence of Bombay’s underworld, complete with vivid locales, intricate storytelling, and a crisp plot.

About the author: Rohan Kailasam was born in Chennai and raised in Mumbai which explains his deep-seated attachment and understanding of the city. His debut book Wastra is a crime thriller set in the glorious city of Mumbai. In addition to writing, he is a passionate fitness fanatic. Rohan Kailasam can be reached out to on Instagram at rohan_kailasam.

About the publisher: NuVoice Press is an imprint of HubHawks that aims to bring out the true voices of authors like Rohan Kailasam for his debut work, Wastra.


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