Towering egos, a bitter legal battle, epic friendships, and amidst it all, a dream to build the world’s fastest electric car- Prabhu Subramanian’s latest novel packs a punch!​​

New Delhi (India), October 21: The Shark and The Dolphins” is an enthralling tale of three audacious friends who dared to chase their dreams. Bharat and Aman, driven by their passion for innovation, relinquished their lucrative management careers to establish a groundbreaking start-up called ZILA. This ambitious venture, focused on developing electric cars powered by cutting-edge Zinc batteries, attracted the brilliant ex-MIT engineer Vinay Aggarwal to join their ranks.

As with any start-up, securing adequate funding was a crucial challenge. While Bharat and Aman initially relied on their own limited savings to bootstrap the venture, they soon realised the need for additional resources to sustain a functioning team for an extended period. Enter Shantanu, their former corporate boss and a shrewd investor, who saw the potential in their vision and decided to come on board as an investor.

What began as a journey from a BYOB eventually led these determined individuals to forsake their corporate jobs and transform a humble basement garage into not only the birthplace of their revolutionary electric car but also the headquarters and the first office of Bharat Kinetics. 

After three gruelling years of tireless effort from this determined trio and their dedicated team, they found themselves on the brink of representing India in the prestigious 2017 Munich All-Electric Global Championship (MAEGC). However, in a moment of adrenaline-fueled excitement, ZILA’s young driver, Neel, disregarded their advice, leading to a malfunction of the vehicle towards the end of the race. What followed was a fierce legal battle, as Shantanu, the disgruntled investor, sought to exact revenge and salvage his wounded pride.

Determined to protect their startup’s future, the boys find themselves thrust from the racetrack into the daunting realm of the courtroom. With high stakes, gripping courtroom drama, and the very survival of their venture hanging in the balance, Nivedita fights tooth and nail to navigate the complexities of the legal case. Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey filled with twists and turns

The idea for the book stemmed from Prabhu’s personal experience of attempting to launch a startup in 2018. He was determined to establish his own electric vehicle charging station venture, which led him to conduct extensive research on batteries with manufacturers. As he delved deeper into the subject, he came to the realisation that the electric vehicle revolution, on its own, falls short of solving the problems it promises to address. The writer within him decided to create a compelling drama, blending current technological challenges with the intricacies of building a startup. This engaging work not only explores the difficulties entrepreneurs face but also delves into the technical aspects of startup culture. It is a product of thorough research, dynamic storytelling, and a deep appreciation for engineers.

Prabhu Subramanian is currently the Sr. Vice President in San Diego and is also secretly a terrific writer.  Even with his successful corporate career, his creative spirit thrives as he delves into a parallel universe of captivating stories and mind-bending plot twists. Collaborating with NuVoice Press India, Prabhu brings his unconventional take on start-up culture to life in the thrilling ‘The Shark and The Dolphins’.


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