Jalaj Kumar Anupam: Elevating Ambitions and Preserving Culture

In the bustling landscape of India’s entrepreneurship, there are some names that don’t just stand for innovation but also for values, heritage, and commitment. Jalaj Kumar Anupam, the proud founder of Consent Elevators Pvt. Ltd., is one such entrepreneur whose journey reflects not just commercial success but a blend of modernity with cultural reverence.

A Brand That Rises Above:

Under Jalaj’s leadership, Consent Lift has achieved significant milestones. Being recognized as the Most Trusted Brand of the Year for Passenger Lifts and Dumbwaiters, and bagging the title of Emerging Brand for 2022, Consent Lift has steadily climbed the ladder of success. These accolades are a testament to the brand’s dedication to quality, safety, and affordability.

Rooted in Values:

Jalaj’s roots from Champaran, Bihar, an iconic place in Indian history, have imbibed in him a deep sense of cultural and nationalistic pride. Drawing inspiration from Prime Minister Modi’s Start-up India initiative, Jalaj ventured into the realm of entrepreneurship with a vision. For him, the essence of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ or a self-reliant India is not just a slogan but a guiding principle. He believes in the strength and potential of Indian brands, emphasizing that today’s India, celebrating the vibrancy of its independence, has citizens who are more inclined towards indigenous brands.

His ambition for Consent Lift is clear – to ensure that middle-class families across India have access to top-notch, safe, and affordable lift solutions. This vision stems from his understanding of the Indian middle-class psyche and their aspirations.

A Multifaceted Personality:

Beyond the realm of business, Jalaj wears multiple hats with equal aplomb. As a Bhojpuri cultural activist, he works diligently to promote and preserve the rich cultural tapestry of the Bhojpuri region. His passion for the culture also manifests in his writings. As an author, Jalaj has penned down three books, offering readers a glimpse into his perspectives and the richness of Bhojpuri heritage.


Jalaj Kumar Anupam represents the new-age Indian entrepreneur – someone who seamlessly blends modern aspirations with traditional values. His journey with Consent Elevators Pvt. Ltd. and his endeavors in cultural activism underscore his commitment to excellence, heritage, and the vision of a self-reliant India. As he continues his journey, one can only anticipate more achievements and contributions from this dynamic personality in the realms of business and culture.


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