HCLTech Elders Partnership: In the ever-evolving digital landscape, companies worldwide are recognizing the importance of digital transformation to remain competitive and meet the demands of the modern-day consumer. HCLTech, a renowned name in the IT services sector, recently made headlines with its announcement to partner with Elders, an iconic name in the Australian agricultural domain.

Digital Transformation in Agriculture

The agriculture sector, often seen as traditional and slow to adapt, is now at the forefront of digital transformation. Modern farmers and agribusinesses are using technology in innovative ways, from drone-assisted field surveys to AI-driven prediction models for crop yields. Elders, with its rich history in Australian agriculture, is not one to be left behind. The company’s decision to embrace digital transformation underscores its commitment to stay ahead in the agribusiness sector, ensuring its operations are efficient, and its service delivery remains top-notch.

HCLTech: Offering a Competitive Edge

HCLTech, with its global presence and a vast portfolio of IT services, brings a lot to the table. The company’s AI offerings, combined with a plethora of other IT capabilities, will be instrumental in revolutionizing Elders’ business operations. Michael Horton of HCLTech highlighted the importance of providing a stellar user experience to Elders’ customers and employees, emphasizing the consistent support from HCLTech’s Adelaide delivery center.

The collaboration is not just about using new technology but understanding how these digital tools can be integrated seamlessly into Elders’ existing operations, enhancing productivity without disrupting the core processes.

A Fruitful Collaboration

Scott Placentino from Elders reiterates the long-standing relationship between Elders and HCLTech, emphasizing HCLTech’s pivotal role in their digital transformation journey so far. This trust and mutual respect make the partnership between the two giants even more promising. As HCLTech undertakes tasks ranging from application development, digital workplace capabilities to cybersecurity and data management, Elders can focus on its core business functions, ensuring it remains a leader in the agribusiness sector.

HCLTech’s Growing Influence

This partnership with Elders is not a standalone success story for HCLTech. The IT company has been making waves in the international market with multiple significant deal wins. Its collaboration with Verizon, worth a staggering $2.1 billion, bears testament to HCLTech’s growing global footprint. The company’s leadership has hinted at a vast deal pipeline, indicating that HCLTech’s growth trajectory looks promising, with many more significant announcements anticipated in the coming quarters.


The collaboration between HCLTech and Elders is not just a business partnership. It symbolizes the convergence of tradition and modernity. As Elders, a company rooted in the age-old agricultural practices of Australia, embraces the digital future with HCLTech, it sets a precedent for other businesses in the sector. This partnership serves as a beacon, signaling that no matter how traditional a sector might be, with the right vision and collaboration, digital transformation is not just possible but essential.

In the coming years, the agribusiness landscape will witness many more such collaborations, driven by the need to innovate and stay relevant. And as companies like HCLTech lead the charge, the future of agribusiness looks brighter than ever.


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