Mr. Amit Gulati, a young entrepreneur with a decade of invaluable
service in the healthcare marketing sector who sought inspiration from his
father Mr. Surinder Gulati. Transitioning seamlessly to a new realm, he
embarked on a transformative journey, taking the reins of their family’s
esteemed manufacturing unit of wooden home decor lights, a legacy
dating back to 1985. Under his stewardship, the Green House Lighting
has thrived, specializing in the creation of exquisite fancy lights
handcrafted from sheesham wood. Combining expertise honed in
marketing with a passion for craftsmanship, he has brought fresh
perspectives and a relentless pursuit of excellence to the realm of
manufacturing. His leadership has not only preserved tradition but also
propelled the brand into new heights of success, setting benchmarks for
quality and innovation in the industry. Their pieces not only illuminate,
but they also add strong design presence to your space with their unique
forms and are must have for any vintage lovers. The unique collection of
lighting is a blend of vintage time honored designs reproduced with
precise cognizance to contemporary creations with attention to emerging
needs of the future.


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