In the midst of a world grappling with stress, depression, and health challenges, Dimple Ranawat – a force to be reckoned with, emerges as a guiding light, leading suffering souls toward transformative shores of happiness and holistic well-being. As the luminary CEO and founder of Divine Iris – Soulful Healing Studio, Dimple Ranawat – a TEDx Speaker, Atal Achievement Awardee, Past Life Regression Therapist, Healer and Life Transformation Coach, , innovated Atomic Weight Release Program (AWRP) with the wisdom gleaned from her life experiences, the gifts compiled from past life revelations and the blessings of her mentors. Through her ground-breaking programs and with unparalleled expertise, she acts as an alchemist, transfiguring the lead of difficulties into the gold of achievements, and offering a beacon of hope that turns the darkness of depression into the warmth of happiness and compassion.

Leading the charge in holistic well-being, Dimple adeptly guides suffering souls towards healing, self-discovery and self-evolution, effortlessly alleviating life’s burdens. Her intuitive prowess, diverse knowledge and unique ability to illuminate darkness showcase her deep compassion and unwavering commitment to the well-being of all. Recognized for her distinctive approach, garnered her the household name as “Captain Marvel” and more, she is “Dimplifying” thousands of individuals by “Simplifying” life’s complexities in her distinctive way. Her compassionate heart and fervent desire continue to liberate countless individuals from the grip of incessant pain and suffering, creating space for joy, happiness and love for everyone.

Dimple’s ground-breaking innovation, the Atomic Weight Release Program (AWRP) – a radiant gift for the humanity, goes beyond the conventional; it stands as a transformative force that challenges expectations and reshapes lives in every dimension. This flagship initiative acts as a catalyst for profound changes, yielding remarkable outcomes such as body weight release, overcoming persistent challenges like depression, migraines, and psoriasis, as well as regaining lost hearing and addressing conditions like spina bifida. Notably, individuals aged 50 and above have reported unexpected height increases, and for some, scheduled surgeries became unnecessary after joining AWRP.

AWRP unfolds a myriad of benefits, spotlighting its unparalleled ability to seamlessly align the body, heart, mind, and soul. By challenging assumptions about physical and mental limitations, the program illuminates the accessibility of holistic well-being at any age, effortlessly unlocking boundless potential and turning the seemingly impossible into a reality. It stands as a testament to the limitless possibilities inherent in holistic well-being, guiding individuals on a transformative journey towards a life characterized by joy, fulfilment, and limitless prospects. Under Dimple’s expert guidance, participants experience a profound release of toxicity, shattering constraints and empowering them to stride forward with newfound clarity and purpose.

In tandem with AWRP, Dimple commands a formidable array of exclusive programs, each a powerhouse in its own domain. “Money Magic Multiplier” opens the door to financial freedom, “Quad Layer Healing” skilfully peels back the intricate layers of healing, “Divinity of Twinity” empowers relationships to flourish in love and harmony, “The Sacred Walk” guides individuals through a transformative path of self-discovery and “Pawsitive Healing” extends its healing touch to creatures with fur, feathers, and fins.

Within the sacred confines of Divine Iris – Soulful Healing Studio, the resonance of success stories reverberates, bearing witness to the profound impact of Dimple’s dedicated efforts. Clients joyfully recount breakthroughs in liberation from physical illnesses, enhanced emotional well-being, financial abundance, and spiritual growth, attributing the everlasting transformations to the potent efficacy of Dimple’s programs. The name “Dimple Ranawat” has transcended into a symbol of “Alchemy,” embodying the seamless simplification of life’s intricacies and the effortless illumination of the path to a fulfilled life.

Dimple’s programs stand out not merely for their outstanding outcomes but for the ease and simplicity they infuse into individuals’ lives. She fosters a secure environment for transformative journeys, where challenges are met with ease, seamlessly incorporating the seemingly impossible into everyday reality. In a world where the extraordinary often feels out of reach, Dimple Ranawat stands as a luminous beacon, guiding her soul tribe through a paradigm shift where transformation becomes effortless, and the extraordinary becomes an integral part of daily living. This is where enlightenment gracefully meets simplicity, creating a space for profound growth with ease.

Individuals involved in this fantastic program have shared their experiences, and here’s a glimpse into what they’ve said:

Dimple and AWRP changed my life completely. AWRP taught me real meaning of Happiness and Love. I am able to live life stress-free, without any regrets and with lot of respect. If you want to change your life AWRP is the Answer. – Prachi Patil, Pune

In a beautiful fusion of healings, teachings, and blessings, Dimple Mam’s transformative sessions liberated me from 14 years of headache and neck pain, providing newfound freedom from negative thoughts and old habits. The tiny yet powerful tweaks received have simplified my life, offering more energy and space for meaningful pursuits. – Tilak Raj, Jaipur

Healing with Dimple is like a journey of healing yourself from within and reinventing yourself. AWRP has boosted my self-confidence by leaps and bound, transformed relationships, and brought clarity to life. I have experienced expansion in my life, and yes life is effortlessly limitless. – Pooja Challani, Hyderabad

AWRP has transformed my life in unimaginable ways. It has given me a new life and I will be forever grateful for this miracle. – Anika Sharma, New Delhi

AWRP has helped me to release all my Health problems and my Blood Pressure. I have experienced miraculous changes in body which have been affected by my Spina-Bifida birth condition. Immensely Grateful to Dimple for Changing my Life. – Rupa Dave, Pune


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