1. Background and Introduction of the Founder/Co-founders:  tasty tongue’ a brand of Prean Organics is cofounded by Shilpi Kulshrestha (37 years) and Preeti Kulshrestha (65 years). Shilpi and Preeti both are food connoisseurs and love to-prepare and serve the best of culinary items. Shilpi is MBA graduate and is a chef and Preeti is Postgraduate and chef.

2. What inspired you to start this company?:  Its covid and the loss of my husband job during that time. We thought to start something in food category which gets better on aging so thought to start this artisanal pickle brand tasty tongue. We manufactured all the pickles in our factory in 100% artisanal and hand made way.

3. What problem does your company solve?:  92% market globally in pickle industry dominated by commercial pickles which are manufactured by machines where preservatives, salts and artificial colours are added to increase the shelf life. However, our pickles are 100% artisanal without use of any artificial preservatives, chemicals, colours or additives. These are 100% incubated naturally under sun. Shelf life is more than 2 years if use properly.

4. Explain the market for your product in short: Huge market opportunity for artisanal pickles. Apart from India, markets of US, Africa, Middle east, UK has umpteen scope.

 5. What is unique about your product or service?: We are proudly world’s first company to bring the concept of *Super pickles* in pickle industry. Super pickles definition given by Prean organics for those category of pickles which consumes 1/3 of the normal pickle and have 3X benefits. Developed some unique pickles which no body is offering in the world. 100% artisanal, handmade and naturally incubated.

6. How has your company evolved since its inception? We are growing at CAGR of 16% majorly d2c brand having our presence at amazon, flipkart.

7. What challenges have you faced in growing your company? Manpower is a little challenge as we are majorly rely on skilled manpower and awareness among consumers to opt for artisanal and costly pickle in compare to cheap commercial unhealthy pickles.

 8. How has your company adapted to changes in the market, especially Covid 19 or the behaviour that is dervied out of the pandemic?: We did very well during covid time. Our pickle Haldi ka achar (raw turmeric root pickle) with lemon decoction was the best seller due to its antiviral and antibiotic properties.

 9. What is your Mission & Vision for the future of your company? How you wish your consumer life to be changed?:

 Vision: to become No. 1 artisanal pickles sellers in the world.

 Mission: to provide best of the natural and handmade products to consumers. To make life of consumers healthy with happy mind by serve them honest and simple food. To experience unique and supremely tasty pickles to our consumers. To provide our consumers the best of experience in their feedback, grievances and suggestions.

10. How have your experiences and background influenced your approach to entrepreneurship? We didnt have any business experience in selling food items before. However, we know how to make best food so we took advantage of this skill and started doing business. Initially we have done testing in our societies and get their feedback and later on we scaled to PAN india level. We are 100% bootstrapped and profitable.

Humare haath se, aapke swaad tak!


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