Cryptocurrencies are one of the most sought-after platforms for trading, and investment
activities worldwide. Offering several unique advantages in terms of asset value, profit
generation, security and ease of use, many companies realised their potential and started their
own companies. It was in the year 2021 when Vaisakh T Rajan (CFO) & Abhish Krishnan (CEO)
two business entrepreneurs with alike mindsets understood the potential of digital currencies
and how they could revolutionise the entire financial sector. With a team of young professionals,
the company, E canna Coin Digital Asset & Wealth Management Private Limited was formally
launched. Their primary objective of starting E canna was to offer something unique that would
set the company apart from its competitors and offer customers a better secure option to invest,
trade and a lot more.
E canna is a fully legal and compliant crypto asset company incorporated in India. Our
commitment to transparency is reflected in their documents which are cleared and adhere to the
latest government policies. The company has always given more emphasis to security. To
achieve that, E canna has its own digital exchange, a first in India designed and built in-house
using blockchain technology. By the end of the year, E canna digital exchange plans to
incorporate 500+ crypto coins.
The team at E canna is dedicated to giving you the very best of services, with a focus on
dependability, customer service and uniqueness. Providing all our services under one roof, we
now serve customers all over the world. We hope you enjoy our services as much as we enjoy
offering them to you. We wanted to introduce digital assets that would revolutionise the IT
industry and establish a new concept wherein people would get access to instantaneous
savings, and trading and no longer have to depend on other crypto companies’ assets.
Currently, E canna digital assets can be traded across 7 different domains which are
Automobile, Aviation, Financial Sector, E-commerce, Real Estate, Fast Moving Consumer
goods, and Hospitality Sector.


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