Boston Cold Case Confession: In a startling revelation, John Michael Irmer, a 69-year-old man from Oregon, confessed to committing a horrific crime in Boston over four decades ago. He approached an FBI field office, admitting to the murder and rape of Susan Marcia Rose, a woman he met at a Boston skating rink in 1979.

Initially, another individual had been suspected of the heinous act and subsequently faced trial. However, he was acquitted in June 1981. John’s recent confession has reshaped the narrative around this cold case.

According to a statement from the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office, John will face arraignment in Boston Municipal Court Central Division. The statement detailed the chilling events leading up to the crime. After meeting at a skating rink, John and Susan reportedly entered 285 Beacon Street, a building then undergoing renovation. In a sudden and brutal act, John grabbed a hammer and struck Susan, killing her instantly, before sexually assaulting her. Fleeing the crime scene, John made his way to New York the following day.

An autopsy revealed that Susan had suffered severe blunt injuries to her head, resulting in skull fractures and brain lacerations. With advancements in forensic technology, DNA samples from the crime scene have now been matched with John’s DNA, conclusively linking him to the murder.

Susan, originally from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, had relocated to Boston and resided on Dartmouth Street at the time of her death.

Suffolk District Attorney Kevin Hayden expressed relief in finally resolving this haunting case. He stated, “Nearly 44 years after her tragic death, Susan Marcia Rose’s loved ones can finally have some semblance of closure.” He emphasized the importance of finding answers in cold cases, especially for families tormented by loss and the weight of unresolved questions for so long.


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