The New Year 2024 brings a new beginning based on transits and planetary events. We have with us Dr. Taara Malhotra to share new year predictions for each zodiac sign. Those who want to know more about their 2024 prediction, they can take astrological guidance from Dr. Taara Malhotra who is India’s leading psychic energy expert and predicts future on the basis of astrology and numerology. You can connect with her on Instagram or through her website. Sharing below her predictions for the year 2024 for all zodiac signs –

  1. Aries: At the beginning of this year, you will get ample support from transiting Jupiter, helping you engage in spiritual activities and gain good business insights into new work. Further, there will be fluctuations in terms of romantic relationships, and chances are high for those finding the love of their lives between August October end, and November. You will witness the improvement in your health despite the blood and head-related issues can be a minor concern. The stars in the next year are bringing ample opportunities for you to gain money and enhanced learning experiences for students.
  2. Taurus: Saturn will bless you with good luck and career build-up at the beginning of the first months. However, the movement of Jupiter from the 12th house to the first house might elevate the concerns, such as expenses and health problems. Apart from this, Ketu will affect and bring challenges to the loved ones, though Venus can be the gold mine to stabilize the relationship. Months that are blessed to them include March, April, and December.
  3. Gemini: Jupiter will make 2024 yours, giving you success, financial opportunities, and the love of your life. Even Saturn in the House of Fortune will enhance your reputation in society. However, there can be disturbances in the family due to Ketu and Rahu. 2024 will open doors for romantic relationships, love life, and career opportunities. Moreover, they will get the chance to make careers in foreign lands.
  4. Cancer: Jupiter sounds to be a life-changing opportunity for you. 2024 will help you encourage work-life balance. After May, your keen working skills can elevate, amplifying your income. Further, there can be a chance you have spiritual journeys with your family, or you might have an interest in performing spiritual activities. This year is going to be mixed in terms of love affairs. The presence of Mars and the Sun in your star can lead to health-related issues. For students, May, August, November, and December will bring excellent opportunities.
  5. Leo: Your partner’s love will get deeper with you and your family and care more for you. There are more business opportunities and increasing possibilities for international travel with more learning experience. You might prefer to shift to a new location or beautify your home. Students must focus on their academics as the first phase of the year can be difficult for them. They must concentrate fully to pass the competitive exams
  6. Virgo: You need to be vigilant for your health. Follow a disciplined approach to maintain your routine and health. Saturn, being a bit upset, can sometimes lead to chronic diseases. There might be a little risk in your working routine. Venus will bring in harmonious connections with friends so that you can plan to start a new venture together. Students can clear competitive exams. No exertion in exercising, only moderately.
  7. Libra: Libra in 2024 predicts positive influences with Saturn in the 5th house, enhancing skills and financial strength. Jupiter in the 7th house brings energy and improved personal connections until May. Post-May, increased expenditures may arise as Jupiter moves to the 8th house. Health concerns, manageable with care, persist throughout. Love life thrives, suggesting settling down. The year fosters family harmony, favorable partnerships, and joyful short travels. March to April transitions require cautiousness in work and health. Overall, Librans can anticipate a harmonious and opportunistic year with improved relationships and career prospects.
  8. Scorpio: In 2024, Scorpios can anticipate a positive, energizing year marked by new beginnings and financial improvement. However, health concerns may arise during Jupiter’s transition from May. Challenges and increased expenses might occur, necessitating careful decision-making. Relationships may require attention, especially in the realm of marriage. The year favors professional advancements, networking, and socializing. Caution is advised in communication to maintain positive relationships, and Scorpios should avoid impulsive decisions. Career opportunities may peak around October, making it a favorable period for promotions or job changes. Overall, 2024 brings mixed results, urging Scorpios to approach communication with compassion and diligence.
  9. Sagittarius: For Sagittarius, the year presents a mix of good luck, health, and relationship dynamics. The first half is favorable, encouraging education, finances, and positivity. However, as Jupiter shifts to the 6th house, health concerns and relationship issues may arise. Marriage and family planning are advised in the initial months. Career hurdles may arise later due to Saturn’s influence. Balancing family, wealth, and health is crucial. Savings should be prioritized in the first four months, as health may fluctuate throughout the year. Rahu and Ketu placements suggest potential health and infection issues.
  10. Capricorn: Financial prospects for Capricorns look promising this year with positive outcomes, business opportunities, and improved savings. Jupiter’s influence in the first house brings family happiness and gatherings. Additionally, Jupiter in the 3rd house signifies positive short journeys. While personal and family matters take precedence, financial growth, career opportunities, and student success are expected. Family support remains strong, though minor health fluctuations may occur, manageable with care. Overall, a positive year awaits Capricorns, with a focus on personal and financial advancements.
  11. Aquarius: Aquarius, brace for a fantastic year with positive vibes in personal and professional aspects. Business and relationships thrive, bringing favorable outcomes. Focus on work and new ventures enhances income. Post-May, stability, and harmony reign in relationships. Health remains robust, with positive transformations and emotional balance. A significant figure from the past may reappear, playing a pivotal role in 2024. Overall, anticipate a year brimming with positivity and goodness.
  12. Pisces: In 2023, Pisces will receive family support and experience positive communication. Wealth opportunities will improve, backed by support from work. Positive changes and progress are foreseen. Moving to the third house will bring job opportunities and enhance relationships. Saturn in the 12th house may bring expenses but also foreign travel prospects. Rahu in the first house may cause relationship fluctuations. Networking is favorable, but conflicts may arise in mid-year. Overall, family and work life looks promising. Health is good, but maintaining a balanced diet is advised to avoid discomfort.

Dr. Taara Malhotra wishes you all a very Happy New Year. You can connect with her for any or all type of astrological or spiritual healing guidance.

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