Apple’s ‘Wonderlust’ 2023: Apple’s highly-anticipated “Wonderlust” event is set to unfold on September 12 at 10.30 pm IST. In light of this, Tech Today’s Aayush Ailawadi engaged with tech mavens, Michael Josh of GadgetMatch and Nishant Padhiar from Stuff India, to glean insights about what the tech giant might unveil.

iPhone 15 Series: Zooming In Among the speculated features for the iPhone 15 series, Nishant Padhiar is particularly eager about enhancements in the Zoom feature. “Apple’s Zoom capability hasn’t been at par with Samsung, which might change this year with the iPhone 15 Pro potentially adopting a periscope lens,” he remarked.

Apple Watch Ultra 2: Integration is Key When it comes to the second generation of the Apple Watch Ultra, Michael Josh doesn’t foresee revolutionary changes in battery life or display, both of which are already stellar. He speculates a deeper integration with other Apple products. Josh added, “An action button to easily start and stop runs could be an interesting addition, especially on smaller Apple watches.”

Vision Pro: A Glimpse into Mixed Reality Having debuted the Vision Pro mixed reality headset at the WWDC earlier, Apple has set high expectations. Sharing his experience, Padhiar exclaimed, “Some features of the Vision Pro are so advanced, they couldn’t be adequately demonstrated on a 2D laptop or TV screen.” Josh emphasized that for a premium device like the Vision Pro, Apple should allow consumers to experience it firsthand in stores, especially given its hefty price tag.

Predictions and Rivals While Josh anticipates no major announcements apart from the already speculated devices, Padhiar speculates Apple might surprise everyone with the next iteration of the AirPods Pro Max headset.

On the competitive landscape, with Google’s Pixel 8 series launching soon, does it stand a chance against Apple? Josh thinks Google Pixels, despite their quality and popularity among tech enthusiasts, need more aggressive marketing to match Apple’s stature.

Apple in India: Pricing Speculations Regarding Apple’s intensified focus on India, Padhiar opined that while manufacturing in India could be beneficial, external factors like the soaring prices of raw components over recent years might hinder significant price reductions. He stated, “While I don’t expect the new models to be cheaper, the older iPhone versions might witness a price drop by approximately 20-25%.”

As Apple enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await the ‘Wonderlust’ event, these expert insights give a peek into what might be in store.


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