Meet the visionary entrepreneur of our time, a symbol of strength, inspiration, and relentless resilience – Ehsaan, the driving force behind MEBÁZO. At just 27, Ehsaan, unaided by prestigious academic affiliations or inherited wealth, has carved a name for himself in the entrepreneurial world.

For Ehsaan, a life-altering accident was a turning point that spurred immense transformation. He veered off traditional academia, embarking on a journey of self-study, and an exploration of his passions.

Harnessing this newfound strength, Ehsaan delved into the world of business. Each stumble became a stepping-stone, eventually leading to the birth of his brainchild – MEBÁZO.

MEBÁZO is more than a brand; it’s the manifestation of Ehsaan’s audacious dream, his relentless pursuit to revolutionize the beauty industry. MEBÁZO is a premium, luxury, Ecocert plant-based beauty and personal care lifestyle brand, aspiring to dispel beauty stereotypes. Ehsaan’s vision goes beyond offering uncompromising beauty; he aims to inspire uncompromising youth, advocating that no one should risk their health for beauty. His mission: to create an environmentally conscious cosmetic line free of synthetic chemicals.

Ehsaan’s passions extend beyond entrepreneurship. His love for cars led him to prepare for a Rally Car Race, transforming childhood gaming memories into reality. His love for travel, painting, music, modeling, and riding showcase his zest for life and defy the odds.

Ehsaan is more than his wheelchair. He’s an entrepreneur, an innovator, a sketcher, a model, a rider, a lover of beauty, and a daredevil who embraces challenges head-on.

Remember Ehsaan’s name, for his story is one of an unstoppable force, determined to leave an indelible mark on the world. Ehsaan, with MEBÁZO, is crafting a legacy of determination, courage, and inspirational leadership in the world of entrepreneurship. His journey proves that our ability is indeed stronger than disability.


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