Rohit Verma: Pioneering Excellence in Distance Learning

Westminster International College London: In the domain of distance and online education, a few names have emerged as beacons of excellence, innovation, and accessibility. Among these, the Westminster International College London, under the exemplary leadership of its Co-founder & CEO, Rohit Verma, has carved a distinctive niche.

Born out of a vision to revolutionize distance education and reach learners across global borders, Westminster International College London has, under Rohit’s stewardship, grown into a premier institution renowned for its blended learning programmes. With its headquarters in London, the college has expanded its reach, establishing training centers in prominent cities like Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, and India.

Its global footprint caters to students from across Asia and the Middle East, ensuring that quality education is accessible and adaptable to the diverse needs of its international student body.

Rohit Verma, an alumnus with an MBA Degree in Business Administration and a prestigious Executive Program from the IIT Delhi Department of Management Studies, brings to the table not just his academic credentials but a fervent passion for higher education. His expertise, garnered over a decade, manifests in his ability to forge institutional partnerships and efficiently manage international student recruitment for UK universities. As the CEO, his responsibilities aren’t just confined to the strategic vision of the college. He actively oversees various functions, from administration to operations, ensuring seamless integration and the highest standards of academic delivery.

Westminster International College London’s accolades are manifold. Accredited by esteemed British awarding bodies like NCFE, CACHE, OTHM, ATHE, and IOSH, the institution’s credibility is well-established. Offering a broad spectrum of over 30 courses across various academic levels – from foundation to doctoral – the college has collaborated with multiple UK universities and Ofqual-regulated awarding bodies.

The success metrics are impressive. With students from over 12 countries, the college has witnessed the successful graduation of more than 1500 learners, each equipped with globally recognized qualifications. This international recognition is not just about numbers, but a testament to the college’s commitment to fostering an environment that prioritizes high-quality teaching resources, robust support systems, and a plethora of opportunities for its students.

At its core, Westminster International College London’s mission resonates with Rohit Verma’s personal vision: to elevate the standards of distance education, making it as enriching and comprehensive as traditional learning, and to ensure that students, irrespective of their geographical location, have access to the best in higher education. Under Rohit’s able leadership, the college is well on its way to setting global benchmarks in the realm of online and blended learning.


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