His primary expertise has been in pioneering sustainability in hospitality.

Before returning to India for good, Nachiketa spearheaded sustainability for a leading global hotel company, Six Senses. With him at the helm, the Six Senses resort in Oman was able to achieve an 80% reduction in waste within 12 months which was also recognized at the middle east waste and recycling awards.

Having had an inside view to hospitality for more than a decade, Nachiketa saw a gap in the market: ‘Even luxury hotels rely heavily on cheap plastic guest supplies’. This observation became a light bulb moment and gave birth to his latest preneur.

Venturing into entrepreneurship for this first time, 4 years back, Nachiketa co-founded Forisca, a brand focused on disrupting the guest supplies and OSE industry.

His youngest baby, Forisca is an eco-friendly hotel amenities manufacturing and export company, producing high-end goods for ultra-luxury hidden gems, most of which cost upwards of a thousand dollars a night.

Nachiketa and his team are on a mission to rid hotels of cheap single use plastic amenities and offer eco-friendly yet luxurious alternatives.

Through frugal innovations, sustained R&D, reinventing product form and eliminating middlemen, he has ensured that these substitutes are cost effective, and hotels have a low switching cost.

Nachiketa always insists that any sustainability project needs be economically sustainable as well. An example of such innovation is toothpaste, wet amenities, and cleaning products in a dry- waterless format which reduces the cost of logistics, storage and carbon footprint by over 80%.

Forisca not only focuses on environmental and economical sustainability but also on social which is a rather neglected ‘third child’ of sustainability. 100% of Forisca’s workforce is hyperlocal, of which more than 50% are women. Empowering the local women is a cause very close to Nachiketa’s heart, among many others.

Nachiketa’s radical growth strategy has put Forisca on the map with a footprint in 14 countries without letting any marketing cost hit their P&L.

Forisca services some of the best names in the industry like Soneva, Joali, Six Senses, Waldorf Astoria, Banyan Tree, Habitas, Turtle Bay, Amilla, Alila, Lux, fregate, Nurai, Ozen and Gili to name a few.

Under Nachiketa’s leadership, Forisca has seen a hockey stick 300% year on year growth and though bootstrapped, is now turning around an 8-digit monthly revenue. This aggressive expansion in business has given need to a new production facility that is 3 times bigger than the current one and is set to commence operations this month.

After receiving immense acclaim from guests worldwide, Nachiketa has decided to open Forisca’s doors to the general public. So far, the access to Forisca products was limited only to HNWIs, but they are soon set to enter the Retail market and offer these high-end products on e-commerce channels.

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