Miss Universe inclusivity: The Miss Universe Pageant has taken significant strides towards inclusivity and breaking down age-old barriers.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Historic Move: The pageant, established in 1952, had set age restrictions for contestants, which is now entirely scrapped, giving every adult woman a chance to participate.

  2. Announcement at NYFW: The significant decision was proclaimed during the New York Fashion Week, a prominent platform that celebrates fashion and beauty, emphasizing the magnitude of this change.

  3. A Push for Inclusivity: By removing age limits and previously, by allowing married women and mothers to participate, the Miss Universe Pageant is promoting inclusivity. This also challenges societal stereotypes about beauty and age, emphasizing that capability, talent, and beauty are not confined to a particular age group.

  4. Miss Universe 2022’s Stand: R’Bonney Gabriel, who was the reigning Miss Universe, played a crucial role in drawing attention to the age restriction rule. Her views on inclusivity and age during her reign likely influenced the eventual decision.

  5. Upcoming Pageant: The next Miss Universe contest in El Salvador will be one to watch, as it would be a stage showcasing a wider range of contestants in terms of age, marital status, and life experiences.

  6. Overall Impact: This landmark move signifies a broader shift in the understanding of beauty, moving away from ageist notions and highlighting that every woman, irrespective of her age, has a story worth telling and beauty that’s worth celebrating.

This change in the rules for the Miss Universe Pageant sends a powerful message to the world about inclusivity, diversity, and the evolving definition of beauty. It’s a testament to the idea that every woman deserves an equal platform to showcase her uniqueness, talent, and beauty, irrespective of age or life stage.


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