Mr. Ajay (50 Entrepreneurs of the year 2023: TIA)

With a rich legacy of 18 years, BALLICE Smart Devices Pvt. Ltd, an ISO certified company, stands tall as a testament to innovation and excellence in the domain of research and testing equipment. Their extensive industry experience is not just a reflection of their past but is a beacon that illuminates their continuous commitment to driving the future. And as we step into the era of Industry 4.0, BALLICE is already at the forefront, pioneering a new wave of innovation.

Being one of the fastest-growing manufacturers of environmental testing chambers in India, 

BALLICE has been instrumental in aiding R&D Testing, ensuring product reliability, and facilitating accelerated aging of products. Their footprint, however, extends far beyond testing equipment.

The company’s consumer-focused offerings, such as water-coolers, VISI coolers, and water dispensers, have not only met market demands but have created waves, solidifying their status as market favorites.

In a groundbreaking collaboration with IIT-Roorkee, BALLICE has unveiled a series of IoT-based products, underscoring their commitment to technological evolution. Their smart connected air purifiers and air monitoring systems are not just products, but embodiments of next-gen tech. The DC-Smart solar induction stove, another feather in their cap, has redefined market standards, offering eco-friendly cooking solutions.

But what truly sets BALLICE apart is their relentless zeal for innovation. They don’t rest on their laurels; instead, they see every achievement as a stepping stone to the next big leap. Their consistent emphasis on delivering high-quality products, combined with competitive pricing, impeccable technical support, and unparalleled service, ensures that they cater to global customers’ diverse needs.

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and innovation, BALLICE Smart Devices Pvt. Ltd isn’t just a participant; it’s a trailblazer. As they forge ahead, their endeavors will undoubtedly shape the very contours of Industry 4.0 and beyond.



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