Antino Digital SuccessGurugram, India: Emphasizing the intrinsic role of their team in driving success, Vinay Krishna Gupta and Rajesh Kumar, Co-founders of Antino, unveil the story behind their lauded Digital Transformation and Product Development Company based in Gurugram, India.

Founded only five years ago, Antino started as a two-person venture but has since rapidly expanded into a global powerhouse, boasting over 500+ professionals and a strong international presence across Taiwan, Canada, UAE, and the US.

The heart of this expansive growth? A staunch belief that an organization’s success is directly proportional to the success of its people.

Antino’s journey mirrors the ups and downs of the IT industry, with the added hurdles of the global pandemic. But through it all, Antino has stood by its employees, fostering a work culture that truly stands out.

Its story is as gripping as a fascinating book, beginning in 2018 when the organization welcomed its very first client on board – a moment that marked the start of its journey. Through its remarkable work, it earned not just praise but also recommendations that played a crucial role in its expansion. With every step forward, Antino’s journey grew more impressive, leading it to partner with renowned names like HCL Healthcare, The House of Abhinandan Lodha, GoDigit, PhysicsWallah, Zee, Hitachi, Hippo Stores (Dalmia Group) and the list goes on.

In essence, this journey is a testament to the fact that when individuals are placed at the nucleus of an organization’s goal, unparalleled success becomes an undeniable reality.

Introducing the Co-founders

Vinay Krishna Gupta (CEO & Co-founder, Antino):

Vinay Krishna Gupta, an IIT Kharagpur alumnus, is presently the Co-founder & CEO at Antino. With a solid foundation in leadership positions within the department of software engineering, his aspiration encompassed the establishment of an enterprise capable of effecting transformative change in the technology domain. This vision translated into the provisioning of Digital Transformation and Product Development services at Antino.
Through his dedication and tenacity, he has steered Antino’s trajectory from its origins as a two-person entity with a handful of clients to its current stature boasting over 500+ employees and a portfolio of 500+ accomplished projects.

Rajesh Kumar (COO & Co-founder, Antino):

Rajesh Kumar, an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, stands as the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Antino, holding a pivotal role within the organization’s senior leadership team. With a career spanning nearly 7 years, he has been instrumental in orchestrating the conception and execution of remarkable projects for global organizations.

As a key figure, he spearheads worldwide project delivery efforts across diverse verticals, competencies, and geographical domains. His wealth of experience in the IT domain uniquely positions him as an essential driving force behind Antino’s exploration of business ventures.

Antino aims to consistently bring value by functioning as an agile, customer-centered, and purpose-driven organization that delivers top-notch technology-based business solutions. This commitment is geared towards the benefit of their stakeholders and contributing to their substantial growth.

Its values revolves around instigating positive change through groundbreaking products and empowering clients to unlock their utmost potential. This ideology propels Antino to envision, act upon, and evolve further. Its mission centers on shaping an inventive, equitable, and interconnected world driven by digital encounters.

By embodying this culture, both on an individual and collective level, Antino’s objective is to establish and elevate its status as a globally recognized, innovative, and sustainable brand, fostering a world that seamlessly undergoes digital transformation.

Mr. Vinay Krishna Gupta stated:

“As our journey has unfolded, we’ve deliberately chosen to maintain the central role of our individuals – affectionately referred to as our ‘Antinos’ within our walls. Rajesh and I are staunch advocates of prioritizing the nurturing of the right talents. We are steadfast in our commitment to continually enhancing their skills, ensuring they remain adept with cutting-edge tools, industry norms, and innovative ideation techniques”.

By dedicating resources to enhancing its workforce and staying at the forefront of emerging technologies, Antino has strongly positioned itself for enduring success and sustained profitability.

Established in 2018, Antino has a mission to elevate the ‘Human Centric Experience’ for its clients while fostering collaborative innovation through a strong family of companies. Renowned for its expertise in Digital Transformation and Product Development, it specializes in creating engaging experiences worldwide. With a physical presence in India, Taiwan, Canada, UAE, and the US, the company extends its impact across diverse locations.

Its array of services encompasses a broad spectrum aimed at propelling businesses toward success in the digital world. It has a global presence, deep domain expertise in multiple industry verticals, and a complete portfolio of offerings grouped under Digital Transformation, Data Engineering & AI, Technology Consulting & Innovation, Sustainability Solutions, and Cloud & DevOps Consulting- targeting every Enterprise and C-suite stakeholder.

And, when we talk about the services, customer-centricity remains the cornerstone of Antino’s approach which influences its strategy, how it’s organized, and the investments it makes. This customer-focused mindset not only allows it to identify trends early but also to seize business prospects by making prudent investments. The company also takes steps to manage risks while fulfilling its social and environmental obligations.

Antino has even made its mark by establishing a Design Studio called Goldenflitch, also referred to as its partner company. This expansion not only solidifies its position in the industry but also leads to higher-quality revenue and an increased share of the market. Its client metrics, reported each quarter and year, underscore these achievements.

Regarding technology, Antino’s growth strategy hinges on its capacity to remain at the forefront and swiftly adopt emerging technologies. This entails immersing fully in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, while also cultivating expertise in domains like blockchain and cybersecurity.

Concluding Remarks:

As stated by Mr. Rajesh Kumar, “The insights we’ve gained in the past are invaluable as we move forward into the coming years. Confronting a pandemic directly and seizing the opportunities it offered, instead of succumbing to pressure, truly showcases the spirit of our team. I feel immense pride in each and every one of us, every single day,”

While five years might seem a long time for some people- for Antino, it marks just the outset. The dynamic force of Antino is truly primed to make a resounding impact in the digital world with full robustness and enthusiasm. So, it is not much of a task to say that Antino’s triumphs of recent years have been firmly constructed upon the strong foundation of its adept team, exceptional clients, and supportive partners- a network that serves as a pillar of strength.


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