ANSHUL MEHTA, A dynamic communication virtuoso renowned for skillfully translating communication goals into impactful PR strategies. With an illustrious career spanning over 9 years as a Public Relations & Corporate Communications Specialist, Anshul has navigated diverse industry realms, spearheading strategic campaigns that yield remarkable outcomes. Anshul’s repertoire boasts mastery in Media Relations, Strategic Planning, Reputation and Crisis Management, CSR initiatives, Press Conference orchestration, and the art of Content Creation and Management. His portfolio gleams with collaborations with corporate behemoths, marked by award-winning integrated communication feats.

Anshul has worked with Raymond, Lodha and Make in India have benefited from Anshul’s expertise, reaping the rewards of his adept guidance. Equipped with formidable communication prowess and a profound understanding of internal dynamics as a team leader, Anshul’s hunger for growth leads him to delve deeper into traditional and digital media landscapes.

Anshul’s journey encapsulates a commitment to unearthing fresh avenues of communication, elevating brands, and embracing evolving media frontiers.


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