Online shopping has been one of the emerging trends in the past few years, from trendy clothes, catchy graphics to tempting sales. Online shopping has seen enormous growth. 2020 only increased this spiel in the eCommerce sector. Now, most of the eCommerce brands have shifted online. But online shopping got a massive advancement with alignment to AR, AR technologies.

Though, the global pandemic hugely succeeded in the growth rate of online shopping. But it has increased the desire to consume. Today’s customers are not easy to satisfy. Are they not done with just scrolling through the shopping apps and shopping. Haven’t we seen customer shifts to different apps with time? How long your e-commerce business would survive and how proficient it will be for consumers depends upon how much AR you’ve integrated into your system or in the process of making shopping engaging for consumers. 

Increasingly, people are shifting their business to AR. One statistic even said it was a total expenditure of 60 million USD, in 2020. More than 50-60% of shoppers of various ages prefer AR-based shopping platforms, rather than the traditional ones. They’re convenient, informative, and engaging and save a ton of time!

The pandemic gave us a big desire for all the online shopping platforms. It is stated that 70 % more people would be more loyal to the brand that has the AR feature in their shopping app. The hectic schedule of yours doesn’t allow you to waste your time in the ‘return the product’ game. Every consumer likely wants to enhance their shopping experience and transform the means of online shopping. 

 These are the proven statistics of how essential it is to enable AR technology with your brand. Wowexp, with the use of AR technology, has already implemented and given a smooth online shopping experience to many consumers of their partners. The results have been excellent and can justify these mere numbers.

AR, in simple words, is just adding multiple layers of digital data into the physical world, just bleeding both digitals and the physical world. Consumers now can see products from a new perspective and try them on for real, in their digital avatar and make wise choices before buying anything. Thanks to AR technology, consumers can now try on the products they want to purchase virtually. 

With the use of AR technology, the product return can be drastically minimized. As AR lets you have a 3D view of your product, giving the ability to the consumer to thoroughly check and conclude something. Wowexp, provides a 360-degree rotation of the products, with and without a mannequin. They can change and customize the colours accordingly. It improves the trust between the consumer and the brand, also increases the conversion rate. Are you excited to know more?

Most of the eCommerce brands, either at early or late-stage, have started implying AR technology. It gives you a step ahead in the competition. Unlike traditional online stores, AR technology can provide you with the real-time experience of the product, be it cloth, jewellery, or any other goods. The AI chatbot, on the website, is already interactive enough. AR technology can give a human touch to your brand and can increase the retailer-consumer relationship. 

The only concern and desire of many consumers were to have an in-store experience, go out physically to the store, and buy. But AR has made even that possible, too, the same level of interaction as you prefer. Not the unclearly one. Starting from the virtual walkthrough to the chatbox. Consumers get an in-store experience, just like they are going out physically but shopping while sitting on a couch.

Virtual reality lets you classify yourself by giving ways to whether a piece of furniture fits perfectly in your home or not. Whether the jewellery matches and uplifts your face cut. The beauty and footwear industry has been using virtual technology as much as it can. Which customer would like to buy stuff, who doesn’t highlight the good parts of their face, body?

 Companies like Sephora, a beauty brand, IKEA, a home accessory and furniture company, have introduced their first augmented reality app and have achieved significant results after doing so on.

There are tons of companies/ startups emerging as the ones providing AR/VR technology. Some are ratchet startups, whereas other ones are of fashion tech. The one-stop for fulfilling all your needs, desires in different sectors like retail, fashion, real estate, accessories is Wowexp. Wowexp has undoubtedly enhanced the consumer experience, and retailers don’t even have to go through multiple companies when they can have all they need in one place. Be a part of it by collaborating AR- the next big thing in e-commerce.

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