Weekly horoscope
6sep-12 sep
Mmansha Chadha

Full family support and affection will be there.Good time for renovation of house , change of house if planning to do so.This week is likely to bring in many avenues your way. Moreover, you will meet someone new with a chance of building a strong relationship; perhaps even marriage. The planetary movement indicates that you will be able to make financial gains during this phase.Take good care of your health this week.Job seekers are advised to work hard in terms of interviews.

Excellent week for couples your bond and love will blossom.You will support each other and take the relationship to next level.
Business and professional people,you must continue to work hard and wait for positive results.Be careful minor injuries are indicated.
Do not ignore health.
your internal power may make you happy; you may get short gains in terms of investments. You may make good relations with your boss. Job Promotions indicated.Prestige will increase and work related travel will also happen.

Financial gains indicated. Chances are there that you might end up meeting some ex flame and things might reconcile between the two.
Financial gains indicate celebrations aswell abroad trip.you will finalise a major deal As a result, you will feel optimistic about your work and for the future prospects. As career oriented person, you will be able to perform more effectively and also able to produce more output. You will feel optimistic on receiving a positive result of your efforts. Thus, it will keep you charged and motivated to be productive.

Cancer :-
Singles are likely to find someone interesting and embark on a new relationship this week! What makes this phase even more interesting for those in love is the fact that the sound of wedding bells might be approaching!
Finances will be stable.The constant efforts in your business may not deliver positive results. Take care of health eat healthy and exercise.You will be spiritual and will also visit religious places.Do charity.

Planetary movements indicate minor disagreements between spouses.During such a phase, patience will help you understand your partner better. It will make you clear of what to expect from one another. Your family expenses may increase during this phase. New opportunities and career prospects will keep you occupied.Health needs attention.
Today you may feel alone, you may find yourself in the self analysis process. You will be arrogant with people around you patience will be on a test.

Tough phase for finances,but later part it will give you some relief.
For singles, the current issues in your relationship may seem serious. However, with love and maturity, you will be able to tackle these issues. As for those wanting to make their relationship official, you may hear the sound of wedding bells soon!
Students will be motivated and focused.Health looks fine.
Renovation of house might start.Disputes will be resolved.

Your strong feelings for someone special will deliver positive results .Family matters will take your time but you and your partner will be at the same page with each other.Take care of finances save for the rainy days.
Favourable week for business people.
Overall, your hectic schedule is likely to take a toll on your health. It would be wise to take a short break and recuperate.
Job seekers may find good jobs. Disputes with siblings will get resolved.
Good bonding with your boss,promotions indicated.

Scorpio :-
If you’re single, you’re likely to meet someone special during this phase. Some of you may even reignite an old spark. In terms of finances, this week shall witness a rise in your earnings. Moderate week for students.Minor injuries indicated.Delayed results for business people.

Sagittarius :-
Conflict between partners ,spouses and lovers.Try and understand each other’s emotions.Your financial status may improve and you may invest the funds for your new ideas and old desires. However, make sure you don’t spend more than you can actually afford to. There seems to be a progress in your efforts and you will be able to finalize a major deal with a potential client.
Practising meditation will help you balance your mind and body.
Capricorn :-
As a couple, you must understand the emotions and intentions of each other. Thus, take time and think over what you really want from this relationship. A good opportunity to boost your finances may welcome you soon. The circumstances in your life may seem tough to manage. However, you must try to invest some time to understand what is really wrong. This will help you produce positive outputs in future. Academic hurdles may seem too high to overcome. However, nothing stays permanent.

Aquarius :-
Your commitment to your relationship might be questioned. You must not let your hopes down. Instead take this time to clear out any sort of misunderstandings and say what your intentions are to your partner. The situation may not be in your favor in regards to your finances. You must understand that your current financial management may be beneficial to you. Your efforts to meet the potential clients and finalize the deals with them will be successful. However, it will take some time to do so. You must have patience. You may not be able to concentrate on your studies. However, take the required time and try to clear the possible hurdles that might be slowing down your progress. Try to focus more on your health and seek for the required help if necessary.

Pisces :-

You will be able to save well enough for your future needs. This will be the result of your careful calculations. Competition in your business may bring the best out of you. As a career oriented person, you may try to grow your career prospects. However, do not let yourself down. You are doing what is best for you. A healthy routine will benefit you by all means. This week’s planetary movement indicates that some health issues may come knocking on your door. So, beware and take care of yourself. If you are a diabetic, you must visit a specialist if need be. Distractions are always tempting but they are not worth it. You can afford to risk your health. If possible, try to adopt a health routine. This will really work out.


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