Trishna Shetty, the 25 year old co-founder of The Creators Project has been making a noise in the creative and design space since the past 4 years.
She has excelled in all verticals related to digital marketing.
Graduating with a degree from a French Insitute, she was always keen on starting her own venture in the design industry.

The Creators Project was founded with the thought of changing the graphic designing industry in India. Having served over 200+ clients and understanding an unique eye for design.
Trishna Shetty believes,
‘’We, as a design community in India are very talented but unrecognised. The graphic designers in India should be given the well-deserved credit for the quality of work they generate. In the next 5 five years, Indian designers will be on top of their game competing with the global players in the design industry. The Creators Project is ready to set foot in Spain, Dubai and London by mid 2023. ‘’

The Creators Project has been recognised by many High Networking Individuals for the aesthetics they maintain on their social media pages and the end-to-end solutions they provide to their clients.

They specialise in Branding, Social Media Marketing, Website Design and Development, Applications Design and Development, Printing, Performance Marketing, Editorials, Illustrations and 3D.

If you want to step up your brand and stand out from your competitors, get in touch with them!



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