Consumers all over the world have become more conscious of the food they eat and the products they use. There is a rising awareness about the toxicity of chemical based products and the Indian buyers in particular are showing a great lot of interest in Organic and Natural products. All industries alike are a witness to this environmentally more conscious trend and the cosmetic and skin care industry in particular is privy to it the most.

Catering to consumers’ growing needs, homegrown brand LOVE EARTH has come up with a wide range of organic skin care products. Founded by Paridhi Goel and Chinar Goel, this brand takes its “herbal and organic” label very seriously and guarantees that there is no chemical involvement in the processing of its products.

LOVE EARTH is all in favour of the #vocalforlocal mission and thus all the products

are packed and distributed in-house giving employment opportunities to a lot of local workforce. All natural rose water was the first product launched by LOVE EARTH and the response it got from consumers was humongous. The love for their products has led the brand to create more than 47 organic products covering all domains of the skin care regime.

The brand is focused to cater to consumers with different skin types and thus strives to launch new products that serve to solve different skin related issues. From Face Oils and Face Creams to Makeup Removers and Face Tools, like their amethyst face roller and jade guasha, LOVE EARTH offers the consumers to achieve radiant and glowing skin at affordable prices. Many celebrity makeup artists and other big names in the makeup industry like Guneet Virdi, Leena Bhushan, Kriti Dhir and others have vouched for LOVE EARTH’s products and repeatedly recommend them to their clients and social media audience as well.

The founding duo of the brand is a firm believer of the notion that skin issues are faced by both men and women alike and they believe that “beauty should not be gender biased”. This strong belief led the couple to introduce products that can be used by their male and female consumers alike. LOVE EARTH’s hair care products like the onion oil range and the moroccan oil serum have been a major hit, especially amongst the male consumers as these products are targeted towards reducing hair fall and treating other scalp related problems. 

A homegrown brand, LOVE EARTH is a pioneering skin care brand that focuses on creating products that are sulphate free, bleach free and paraben free. In addition to being environmentally conscious, the brand is also doing its bit for the social welfare of the society by donating a part of its  profit to a Ghaziabad based orphanage to support the welfare of the kids. Green signalled by the who’s who of society and trusted by many consumers worldwide, LOVE EARTH products are a must try for one and all, and can be purchased from Nykaa or the brand’s official website 


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