An entertaining talk show by Mannat Entertainment with famous figures of fashion industry as a guest in each episode ,one at a time is an exciting way of knowing their life roles and the spirit to make public their recognition .

Model/actor Shilpa Kathait as a host in this show creates a lot of humour and thrill by asking on the spot questions to the guest which no one knows yet about them and the audience will get to witness the life stories, ups and downs and inter personal relationships of guests with their friends, family and loved ones, and will leave no stone unturned to pick up secrets behind their success.

The fun-filled episodes with famous socialites and public figures, revealing their life stories, secrets behind success, family details and much more.
Over the chit chat show, there will be the discussion about the funny moments of their lifes and secretive aspects which nobody knows yet. Also they reveal all hardships and fun filled moments of their life journey being model/ socialite and public figures,which will create a lot of humour in each episode by the guests.

Shilpa Kathait being a host starts the episode by quizzing the Guest by asking about their experience of working together with other celebs and co partners in various events and unconditional family support even when it is sometimes difficult to cope up managing professional and passionate aspects of life.
Shilpa Kathait and her Guests in each episode had a great discussion about real life stories and incidences which made the show super interesting.
Shilpa also took the opportunity to tease them by asking questions like who tried to pull them down in situations seeing them climbing ladders of success and spoke about the circumstances which created difficulties in life.
Last but not least a great message to the audience is given by the guest to inspire today’s youth, by telling the life stories of great people.


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