Art can heal your life. This Quote speaks for an Artist who Experienced her Own Healing Process Through Art.

Her name is Kaveri Banikya, a Visual Artist & an Art Educator from Assam Northeast India and the founder of “Sacred Healing Art By Kaveri”

After working in the Coporate as an HR Business Partner, Kaveri has now set up her own business and is a full time Visual Artist.

She had taken her formal training in Art for 13 years and has been painting since the past 30 years.

She expresses she has always shared a very deep connection with art without realising that one day this gifted skill or ability to create will gift her the most priceless thing “Her Second Life”.

Surviving from one of the most fatal phase when the doctors had given up on her in 2020 she has now emerged herself as a paragon of faith and courage by curating her own healing techniques for her path towards her second life .

She started using Art as a divine therapeutic tool to heal her entire being and this expression of cathartic release soon became her Medicine.

Today she strongly believes that experience had a divine purpose as it taught her the most beautiful lessons of her life and she tries to help and motivate others through her real life Experience and Art creations.

Surrendering in gratefulness and adulation to her miraculous second life, Kaveri has painted over 200 paintings during her healing journey and saw a remarkable shift in her body, mind and soul.

Kaveri is known for creating Energised Spiritual paintings at the Brahma Muhurta Hour by chanting divine mantras with an intention to infuse positive energies and vibrations into the art pieces to spread Positivity and healing energies to the world wherever it travels till infinity.

She has started her quest on conducting Art workshops and her Solo Art Exhibitions to illuminate some social causes. She says she derives her inspiration from Mother Nature and this profound connect with the Nature inspires her to create and evolve. She also draws inspiration from the rich Art and Craft of her home land Assam & North-East India.

She works with both commercial and private clients.
Oil medium being her most favourite she also works with Acrylics,Water Colour,Gouche,Pastels and Charcoal.

Her Art pieces are wonderfully abstract in nature and she enjoys creating Figurative abstracts,Premium home decor Artpieces,Contemporary/Modern artworks,Portrait paintings and Energised Spiritual Paintings..

She says “An Art lives forever” and Art is a therapeutic tool that has the immense power to uplift the spirit of humanity.As an artist she wishes to be a harbinger of positivity, love and hope in this beautiful world of ours.As an Artist and an entrepreneur she envisions to connect and collaborate with the creative thinkers,artists of her homeland and outside the resgion to come and work together to serve as a catalyst for healing individuals,society & environment and create a platform for the coming generations to motivate them to create and take Art as a Profession

Kaveri says “What is life if its always so easy”,we should always remember that bad days don’t last forever and good things take time so during our adversities we must surrender ourselves with utter faith, patience and self-love to come out as victors as self-love combined with strong faith can heal us and save us. As what defines us is how well we rise up after a fall.

Let’s Spread Love,Positivity and Healing Energies ~ Kaveri Banikya



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