The curve of the life graph is never smooth, it has various ups and downs but the ability to take the curve line again up from down made her known as “BOSS LADY”. This article is for Mrs Seema Gumber, very famously known with this name for her remarkable presence in the Zee TV show DILLI DARLINGS.
She was not born with silver spoon in her mouth, rather she is a self-made lady who fought with difficult situations in life and is standing as the award winning Director of the company named Star buzzz events in front of everyone.

Her life too was like roller coaster only but this strong headed lady decided to take the charge of making every possible move to make her name to be written in the golden letters. The main story started when along with playing the role of best wife and mother and earning well in corporate ,she had to take the role of the only bread and butter earner of the family because of some financial losses faced by the family. Although she was earning well because of the 15years experience in management work with the famous brands like NIIT, Barclays, Sahara overseas, Convergys , her income was the additional income of the family but the time family faced financial crisis, her additional income turned as the main income of the family.To get out of that situation she tried to figure out more ways of earnings by committees and kitty parties and was able to build a strong social network. As it is said, take one step towards your goal, the success will be a step closer to you- in 2016 , a call from a brand to participate in “Mrs face of India” beauty pageant changed her life, although she didn’t win but it helped her to reach the place where she is right now. She understood all the intricacies of event management business and started her own company – ‘Star Buzz events’ in 2017 and became her own “Boss”. She has various brands associated with her company and has received uncountable awards for her achievements till date.


  1. Very well described to seema..she is one man army..hatts of you beautiful…rise high and your success story will motivate others.

  2. I have only one word for you which I always mention super women ?????? The girl with so many talents ?????? God bless you with more n more success ??

  3. Super talented ,charming , beautiful , confident ,n honest personality….wish u more success n fame darling … ❤️❤️

  4. Seema g …….I have no words for her.she is amazing woman .she is allrounder and very kind hearted person.


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