Born and raised in Delhi, coming from a middle class and a bit conservative family. Where It was little hard to be an Independent Woman but My mother always told me how important it is to follow your dreams and do something what you love And blogging is something I totally love and adore doing. When I started my blogging I faced many challenges and huddles.
It wasn’t easy for me to start any of it…though one thing I always had in me is COURAGE, so I started taking my own decisions and the grip of my life in my hand. Influencing people in the right direction in terms of LIFESTYLE… Fashion and Beauty products comes in best use when one do live up to a best and healthy lifestyle.
I just not desire things I work hard and make it deserve for myself.
I always wanted to help others in anyway possible. Blogging is all about letting people know what you really are and no matter how much you wanna hide but the true image of you will always come out people can notice everything.
I started taking care of my Mental and Physical Health because thats the best way one can work on his or her beauty..
Then there was a time came , when I had to decide between being an Air Hostess or a Hotelier.  Got selected in both, So I chose Hotel Industry. And I’m very happy with my decision.
Now, Professionally I am associated with ITC HOTELS… I adore my job as much as I adore my Blogging on Instagram and other social media pages. Everyone use to say that it’s impossible to workout both the things at same time… but as i love challenges , I smiled and said “WATCH ME”
Achievements- I have done punjabi album back in my high school days. My blogging is an another achievement that I count on and work hard everyday to make it hit same as the previous day.  Till now I have collaborated with well known brands -National And International both.
ITC HOTELS New Delhi , is one of my finest achievement. It has horn my communication skills to a better heights. 
But what Blogging gives me “Inner peace and true hearted happiness.”…Message:- To all my fellow bloggers
keep smiling and spread positivity. Help others and be awesome as always . And do follow your heart and do the things that actually makes u happy. COME LETS MAKE THIS WORLD EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL.


  1. Hi I’m Manish Jain
    From Delhi
    I saw ur blog site Very impressed, inspired
    I’m professional musician
    How to start blogger with music
    I thinking make for blog site
    How to do


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