Skill development has always been an important part of the economy leveraging the abundant talent pool in the country, creating more scope for jobs. It plays a crucial role in fuelling the growth of the economy as a whole. Recent reports revealed that more than one lakh engineering students who graduated in 2015 are not employable. There is a major skill gap in the country as 80% of engineering graduates are ‘unemployable’.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to bridge the gap between education and employment. Taking into consideration the current education and job scenario, SkillHai is an online platform helping these students to enhance their job-related skills and increasing career opportunities. With a greater emphasis on the improvement of employment opportunities and research activities, SkillHai ensures highly specialized academic and industry training programs to promote skills among its students and youth.

The Central Government initiative to launch a multi-tiered campaign to promote skill development training programs across the various states has led to the conception and operation of the National Skill Development Mission in 2015. This important body approves and governs over such constructive initiatives targeting especially the student body and professionals in expanding their understanding and opening new career opportunities for them.

As their bid to contribute towards this initiative and take the economy towards growth and development, the platform has become a leading academic organization offering highly creative and advanced skill development training as per the needs of various employment sectors of the economy. It is the only Institute in Delhi that enhances digital skills through proper practical training with special consideration based on the future requirements and with the aspects of various employment possibilities to remove the educated – unemployment situation of the economy. 

With a dedicated team of in-house experts and professionals who have vast experience and in-depth knowledge in the domain, the digital platform is driven towards empowering young minds through advanced technological industrial sectors of job roles, especially in the digital era.  

While India enjoys the benefits of having the lowest working age of 29-year-olds compared to the advanced economy, compared to developed countries, where the percentage of skilled workers is between 60% and 90% of the total workforce, India records 5% lower staff (20-24 years) with formal employment skills. With the current level of education and skills of those already in the workforce very low, there is a need to restructure the skills development program and the promotion needed to align with the needs of the industry to ensure improved human health. Believing in the same, SkillHai envisions revolutionizing the rural sector towards digital literacy.

As digital spending continues at a faster pace, employers around the world are looking for skilled workers who can fill the gaps in their organizations and pursue business objectives such as earning, income, and product awareness and this is a major reason for inactivity. SkillHai takes the initiative to provide diverse skills to our youth according to the needs of each market and the strength of students to fill the gap between employer and employee and to make our youth more trustworthy. To truly achieve ‘Make in India’, SkillHai is focusing on building a framework that supports the holistic development of the youth and makes the country the world capital of a skilled workforce.


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