Doctors are considered no less than Gods. Especially if we talk about the current pandemic situation the whole world is facing and doctors in such situation are doing their jobs selflessly , without thinking of their own lives.
They are the real super heroes , using their super powers of trying their bests to save each and every patient as soon as possible.
This is a thanksgiving article to one of such superheroes who risked his own life without thinking of his family and 10 months old baby . Yes, we are talking about Kushank Chauhan of Shamli.
Kushank though doesn’t need any introduction as he is one of the famous personalities of Shamli, who is popularly known for his hardwork and dedication as the director of Global Shanti Care hospital. Not only this, he has also taken the charge of being the chairperson of the Red cross society on his shoulders.

During this pandemic situation where all of tried staying at home ,he wholeheartedly performed his professional and moral duties by providing his services to all the patients in needs. Not to forget, he also made all the best possible arrangements for his hospital staff as well so that nothing hinders their services.

” I am following the path of my father that’s why I chose the same profession, he is my inspiration and will always remain. He has always taught me to serve our nation to the every possible extent thus we are doing every possible thing to make the nation overcome this situation as soon as possible.
Definitely I miss my family and my baby as since 22 March we are working 24*7 without going at our houses to take rest or to meet our families but our nation need us more thus priority is to get our nation out of this crisis is the first priority” , said by Kushank.

Our nation definitely deserve such pure souls and let’s hope everything perfectly fine as soon as possible.


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