Shreya kalra, a 23 years old content creator, very ambitious and driven. I have a charismatic and optimistic personality. One thing that I’ve learned in life is “Never fail to try more” and therefore I am not scared of failure as they make me strong.
I started my journey 3 years ago . I was insecure about myself because nobody ever praised me and lacked self confidence. It’s always easy to make excuses, but I knew excuses will never make my dream a reality , so I started. Got criticised. Suddenly I realised that the world is mean but why take criticism from someone you would never go to advice for?
Today I can proudly say I have came a long way , the journey is long but I know I can make it.
When I started creating content I used to compare myself with other successful people who looked so perfect, were rich and had everything that I wished for. But I’ve realised nobody’s perfect and it’s okay to admit that. Many people strive for perfection but the best part is to accept your flaws and love yourself without any judgement. So here I am not perfect at all, love my curves, my scars, my stretch marks and everything about me because that is important- SELF LOVE.
If you’re reading this, I want you to know that you’re capable of doing anything. Dream big. Work hard for it. And it’s yours

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