One thing that I certainly love about actors is the fact that they are so open to putting their heart and soul into a character they are playing. This is what make an actor unique because as an art form, you are creating everything that was part of your vision in front of an audience. It’s kind of called “Play” but it’s a very serious art form and we can all learn something from the actors!
Romeo Yanger is an American actor of Indian descent who loves to immerse himself in intense roles through which he can fully express all his emotions and experiences. Born in India, he was raised by a middle-class Indian family, his father was in Indian military. Overcoming many challenges as a child, Romeo learned to stay strong and pursue his dreams despite all the challenges that he and his family faced and took a scholarship to attend college in LA. Romeo says “Acting is like sitting on a roller coaster ride of emotions where you’re able to justify your character’s attitude and emotion based on what stage they are at time.”
“Even cinema makes us live within its stories and make us forget ourselves for a few hours and it causes shared experiences.” Romeo made an amazing remark.
We asked him about his daily schedule and how he finds time to work hard because it takes much more than talent to make it big in Hollywood or Bollywood. Romeo told us that he’s currently focused on focusing his acting career but earlier, during school, he would often do odd jobs as a waiter, cashier, or courier delivery boy. Those jobs taught him a lot about life and made him learn the art of details which helps with his acting now at such an early age. It’s so exciting to think that Romeo has learned so much about acting at such an early age!
“As a big fan of Quentin Tarantino, I love the way that he portrays the different nuances of his characters while simultaneously conveying objectivity in his movies. When I watch one of Tarantino’s films, I learn something new about life or about myself each time.” -Romeo Yanger
Romeo Yanger is a huge fan of Tom Cruise, Al Pacino and other Hollywood celebrities. He wishes to achieve his dream of becoming a global star just like them so he has been training hard, doing a lot of exercise to build up his body as well as practicing various stunts. Although he admires these famous actors, he says that Indian movie director Zoya Akhtar is his most beloved one because she always makes movies with interesting characters who have real world conflicts and not just ones made up by big-time directors. Romeo expresses his wish of working in one of Zoya’s future projects saying, “I want to learn from the best.”
Romeo Yanger states that his father is his inspiration and he wants to make him proud with his acting. From our observations, we are sure that we will see Romeo Yanger more and more around us. Maybe in Hollywood or Bollywood but we are certain that he will entertain us with his movies and charming mannerisms that have taken Hollywood by storm recently. His dedication and determination to learn acting will surely make him a global icon sooner than later. He just needs a much deserved break that we are sure he will get very soon.


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