Falling down and getting back up is a part of human life; hold a positive attitude and keep moving ahead, says: Priyanka Agarwal- Founder & CEO of Pace Every Door | Eagle Home Buying Solutions. Digital content creator | Life Blogger.

It is, without a doubt, highly inspirational to witness today’s women breaking down barriers and leading independent lives with untamed zeal to form successful businesses. On that note, we bring you the narrative of one such woman, Ms. Priyanka Agarwal, who carved her own path, conquering all hurdles and joining the ranks with her can-do mentality & a positive outlook towards life. Priyanka is a fierce, fabulous, and an independent woman who takes care of her entire family and still chooses to stay with them.
Despite the fact that Priyanka came from a middle-class household, her mother always pushed her to be an independent individual and to be solid on her own. From a very young age, she knew that she needed to manage her own funds and look after herself financially. When Priyanka was barely 16 years old, she began working and saving for herself. While most teenagers were casually having fun with no stress or worry, she spent her teenage years working hard to achieve anything in life. It was apparent that Priyanka had become emotionally mature in her youth, knowing how to respond strongly to a challenge by keeping positive and a cool head.
This was the period when the job outlook in the airline industry piqued her curiosity; nevertheless, she required funds to pay her fee. As an outcome, she worked part-time and saved, eventually aced the interview and landed a job as an air hostess with Kingfisher Airlines. This tour presented her with the opportunity to groom herself. Above all, at a very young age, she mastered how to deal with criticism effectively. Being the youngest member of the crew, she had to put up with a bunch of challenges and ups & downs, where she still caught hold of her roles and responsibilities and didn’t give up. She continued her voyage for the next four years.
“From sleeping at a station for three nights in a row” to “becoming an inflight manager” and making headway, Priyanka defines her experience here as an incredible one that she will cherish forever.
The pages turned, while she took a new chapter in her life. In her early 20s, she had to return to Pune, her hometown where she couldn’t find any openings for an air hostess position. Certainly, she began at the bottom and worked as a receptionist at a small brokerage house. Priyanka managed to survive her fall from a high-paying profession to one that did not match her considerable value. Her zeal was so inspiring that she would drive people around on her two-wheeler, show them the flats and acquire knowledge from scratch. It was yet another period when she had the fantastic opportunity to work for brilliant developers and eventually stayed in this field for nearly seven years.
Nonetheless, there was a phase in her profession during this time, where she had to deal with a lot of tricky situations which would have wrecked anyone, but Priyanka’s optimistic mind-set is so commendable that she gracefully managed every unfavourable circumstance and moved on. She later moved to a developing village and survived in a culture where women were not permitted to express their opinions. A self-assured, strong-willed lady like herself turned this period into a highly

productive one. It was here and at this point where she was well acquainted with her passion for real estate and decided to pursue it, establishing something she could call her own.
Needless to say, a 16-year-old girl with so many dreams and aspirations in her sights, a constant need to be matured and tackle most circumstances, is now a strong, self-sufficient, woman in her early 30s, who runs her own business like a boss. Her extensive experience working with real estate developers armed her with a broad range of expertise, and with her strong mind plus attitude, Priyanka launched “Pace Every Door” which hit the market as a sole-selling firm for real estate developers & “Eagle Home Buying Solutions”, a property consulting agency that helps its clients find their dream homes within their budget.
Priyanka has encountered a myriad of challenges in her life, which motivated her to share her experience and encourage others, and thus inspired by Sushmita Sen, “IAMSHE”, yet another new piece of her own was born. Presenting beautiful social media content with a positive outlook on your day-to-day lifestyle and helping individuals in realizing how to take on life and grow constructively is something you will undoubtedly see on her channel.
Priyanka, who refuses to be timid and speaks her opinion, now has her own team of 20-25 people working relentlessly with her enterprise while ensuring its growth.
To stay connected and know more about who she is, check out Priyanka Agarwal


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