How many people across the globe can exactly define the power of social media and the internet in this generation? It would take a few numbers of people to compile the true meaning of the power that the internet possesses. Some of us, only follow Facebook or even have an account on the website to get information about the activities that are taking place in the world or to share funny memes or to spread certain kinds of awareness.

Sumeet Jindal says, “Your fall can be your call. Do not stop!!”

To the ones, who have made Facebook or social media as their means to reach the audience or the target customers, understand what value these social media handles hold. From Bollywood celebrities to Hollywood ones, from business tycoons to entrepreneurs, everybody is obsessed with how their means of the advertisement has been made so effortless. From my personal experience, I would say that I don’t really need to watch news channels or follow the television for any current events, schemes, or any such important announcements or events. Social media handles have become the most convenient route to such information.

But on the contrary, Sumeet Jindal decided to divulge the world with truth and facts that were more than any relevant information on social media handles or any news articles that are spiced up. At the age of 25, Sumeet started the “Postman News” with a motive to capture the raw news and information and spread the same to the people in the country. The determination and the toil to set this up paved paths for success for many people.

Sumeet had established the fact that social media could be used as the most powerful communicating tool in this era. His venture is two years old today and the growth of his followers has reached 1 million through social media platforms. The collective numbers of followers that postman news  has achieved by being distinctive and unusual from the lot are approximately 30 million.

Postman News is an unconventional platform that grabs each unique opportunity to interview popular and inspiring personalities and become media partners in events that are for people to acknowledge.  In IIM Kozhikode, ECHOES was a significant event that was conducted in the month of February 2020. Postman News was a part of it as media partners to this event. In addition to this, Postman news was media partners to comedy shows as well. These shows represented comedians like Appurva Gupta. Postman News has been privileged to interview Kapil Dev in the process of covering an entire event named Golfing Nation Golf Championship.  The Udyami is a conclave summit that was organized by the Punjab University. Postman News had the opportunity to cover the entire summit. Postman News has left no stone unturned in taking huge leaps to grasp the most of each prospect that they can explore. The diversity can be evidence in the multi-directional efforts that the organization is diving in.

The driving force to sustain the growth and success of Postman News is the founder himself, Sumeet Jindal. With his practicality and the constant effort to serve people with promising content, Sumeet has also been able to give writers the endless hope to be heard through whichever means possible. The courage that Sumeet upheld to start the venture is pure inspiration. He has been able to inspire the youth in one of the conclaves that had been conducted by the Ambalika Institute of Management at Lucknow, being a speaker at the event.

 “Today Postman News is one of the most active news sites on the internet and I believe the credit mostly goes to the efforts that I made to access the followers on social media platforms. I had been updating them with absolute core need materials. The toil and struggles were endless at that point in time because the most important things to me were my followers and their demands. I am contented that I made the time to establish Postman News is the most efficient manner possible”, said Sumeet Jindal, the owner of Postman News.

One of the most efficient and exciting methods to advertise is social media. There are definitely the struggles to gain an audience but once that’s done, there is no turning back. People love to see how an entrepreneur is taking the endeavors to reach out to them and give the best content available. The content must have a lasting impact on the viewer because it would eventually convince them to share the same with others as well. This is the era of technology and the internet. Postman News has also been a thriving successful venture due to the blessing of the internet.


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