Bhagyashree Mundra From Chittorgarh, (raj.).
Recently i achieved the title of Runner up of Miss Iconic Rajasthan season 2 . and that was held in jaipur, raj .
There are many reason to live a life and one of my reason is to become a successful model , and a good human being by maintaining positive life ethics as I am working hard for my goal to see myself as a international runway model one day…. which will gimme a sense of pride and a feeling of an independent women. modeling gives me a feeling of joy in every of its parts especially runway . I always try to be more sharp and creative in it as i want to present myself in a finest way… and one thing that helping me doing it…. is my past habit of gathering knowledge not only about studies but also of things going around and how they work…
A simple ideology that i follow is “life can be a bumpy road, but at least it is leading somewhere. I learn from mistakes and failures, and i aint afraid to fail again… coz it takes me more closer to success.


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