We are now coming to the stage where everything in India is online. Rise of JIO has changed the Internet usage, and now we are seeing every person with latest gadgets even in small towns whether its kid or elder every one today using the interne

What it has done is we see a new rise and enormous market, and now you can drag lots of people to your side if you have the skills to do it. Today every celebrities, Entrepreneur, businesses are looking for good PR company which can provide excellent work and give them some organic audiences from which they can gain something.

Rahul Singla, a young talented Boy from Ludhiana, has taken everyone by storm with his work. This lad is a genius when you talk about Promotion no one can come closure to him. He has done work for many celebrities in recent times, and his list of celebrities is increasing day by day with his experience. His Promotion company Ek Diya is getting good fame all thanks to Rahul’s work.

Today Rahul is in touch with many top celebrities of B-town and Punjabi film industry. Rahul Singla is also known for his looks; he has the looks of the star; he has that charm and personality of a star. Check his Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/itsavik/?igshid=14u95y8nyb3bm
) his popularity is enormous, he is silent mover; he has crossed whopping 75k mark followers on Instagram that’s not a small number of fan following. Rahul is also known as AVIK, which is his social media name.

At his age boys enjoys studies and their own life but this kid is making big with name and money both with his talent and that too at rapid pace. Just imagine what he will be after ten years. Maybe a business tycoon or a B-town superstar. Because Rahul has that skill and passion which will take him to the next level and he will become one of the most significant personalities of India in future.

Here’s wishing Young Talent Rahul Singla aka AVIK all the best for the future and we hope that his name come in the top list of celebrities of India in coming years.


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