Food is something that is closest to all of our hearts.
Started young at the age of 19, Palak Kapoor is making her name on instagram (@whatsupdilli). She has always been interested in learning new things. She started it as a hobby and is now making it big on the industry.

For Palak, the love for food comes before anything. She says, her mom is great cook and she grew up in a family that loved food which made food an essential part of her life but blogging became a more significant part of her life when she was in college.

She has been blogging for quite a while now, doing everything it takes to run a successful food blog. She has collaborated with many big brands and has also been invited by various high-end hotels and restaurants. Something that made her big in this field is her commitment towards her work. She believes that if you work hard and stay dedicated to your work, you can achieve anything you want.

Exploring all the nooks and corners of Delhi, Palak makes it a must to taste everything you can in the beautiful region of Delhi.


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