Stay Hungry Stay Foodie!

It is said that the way to man’s heart is through his stomach. But if a man cooks for her (Mother, wife, Sister, Girlfriend), it also knocks at the door of heart. This is the way of expressing love and let someone special know that you care for her.
Here, we talk about Amit Sharma founder # He Cook She Eat, doesn’t need any introduction in the Food Blogging Industry. His passion for food styling is adorable.
Amit Sharma was born & brought up in Lucknow, the city of Nawabs. During the final year of his Master degree in Management, he got selected in Parle Products . He served there for a short period of time because he realised that this job was not attractive for him. He moved to Delhi did some business. But slowly- slowly , he was finding the right direction in his life.

Love for food making brought him into the field of food blogging. His creative ideas of food styling are viral all over India. Many restaurants and food products related companies adopted his creative ideas for their business to grow.
Now, Amit Sharma is a professional blogger devoting full time to this industry. His followers on social platforms wait for his every post special on any special occasion or festival.
You can find his creative work on

The famous author Rashmi Bansal wrote a book, ‘’Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” but the line “Stay Hungry Stay Foodie” suits Amit Sharma .


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