The supply chain is becoming leaner, faster, and more self-sufficient as a result of an unparalleled rate of change driven by the use of technology in life sciences. In order to increase process efficiency, automation has taken place at almost every stage of the supply chain.

One such industry giant that is taking its leap towards achieving this goal is Medimny. It is a technology-enabled marketplace connecting Pharmacies and Stockists on a single national platform. The platform is Incorporated under the corporate identity “Felicitas Digitech Private Limited” and was established with the aim to address the gaps in the Indian pharma market, which has proven to be fragmented, especially with the outbreak of the worldwide pandemic.

The goal was to use automation to enable pharma companies to efficiently handle rapidly changing multichannel and omnichannel requirements while enabling same-day and next-day delivery. Medimny has been committed to handling the whole production flow of a service, from raw components through the delivery of the finished product to the consumer, since its foundation. It has created a tightly bound circle of Availability, Connectivity, and Profitability by incorporating integrated Logistics, payment, and settlement arrangements, all the while minimizing credit risk.

Medimny focuses primarily on the expansion into Brand, Surgical, Generics, and OTC Category Medicines, Inclusion of Cool Chain Products viz Insulin, Vaccine, and other Temperature controlled medicines. With this approach, even in the midst of a life sciences industry-wide digital revolution, this push to automate warehouses will give pharma and logistics businesses greater strategic choice in network-footprint decisions, allowing them to stay lean and nimble in a competitive market.

By providing a common platform to buyers and sellers across the nation, Medimny has set itself in the epicenter of the fluctuating market needs and streamline SCM by building a network of suppliers that transfer the commodity to those organizations that directly communicate with customers, so on and so forth. The fact that no record can ever be erased is a bonus point in this innovative approach, giving supply chain managers a way to track the origin of items and develop trust in shared supplier information. Not only that, but it also aids in the prevention of data leaks, the detection of counterfeit goods and fraud, and the identification of at-risk suppliers in order to demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards.

Medimny is integrating value-added services to assist organisations to stay competitive in a market that is always evolving while also ensuring consumer satisfaction in this digital age, where the credo is to adapt or be redundant.


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