Be a girl with a mind , a woman with attitude, and a lady with class; The person who comes to mind after reading this quote is Dr. Sujata Kapoor.
Dr. Sujata Kapoor is an academician with more than a decade of teaching and research experience with premiere B schools in India. She has earned B.Com(Hons) , M.Com , MBA and PhD degrees from prestigious institutes in India. She is an avid researcher and her research interests includes behavior Finance and Corporate Finance.
Currently, she is serving as an Area Chair (Finance) at Jaypee Business school (JBS) and handles basic and advance courses in Finance and serves her duty as Program Director of BBA program at JBS.

Dr. Sujata is the first Indian woman to write a very comprehensive text book in area of Behavioral Finance. She has done path breaking research in the field of behavior Finance.

Dr. Kapoor is passionate about dancing, eye makeup and personal styling that she also runs a YouTube channel for dancing,cooking,makeup and singing with good subscriber base. She has won the title of first runner up at SuperMom2019 and crowned as Mrs India Renaissance at Mrs India International Queen 2020.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others, she is the one justifying this quote to the fullest.
She is a chosen parent to a special child Visharda who is on Autism spectrum disorder. An autism activist, she is a strong believer of the fact “Be the change you wish to see in the society”. Her motto in life is to create awareness about Autism and ensure that all the special children can lead a life with dignity. She strives to make the world understand that Autism is not synonymous to intellectual disability and working relentlessly to increase the acceptance of special children in the society. As a contribution to this social cause, she is organizing a unique talent show for special children and others (Samvednayein). This is going to be first show in the country to provide platform to special children to showcase their talents free of any charge.


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