My Name is Irfan khan from Rajasthan, India.
A passionate chef … Explorer of scrumptious delicacies and always on board for gatronomical adventures . Always ready to create something interesting and unique recipes. My creativity resembles in my recipes.
I have created many recipes like karela ka kalakand,  stuffed Rasgulle Makhmali,  mooli malai roll, and many more.
Initially my father emphasised on me to be a doctor therefore opted for science stream as a career.
But my passion lied in cooking hence I convince my family to follow my passion. My journey to be chef was pre destined. I picked up the art of cooking as a child only and grew up with an intention to be a chef one day. Today I am renowned for keeping a balance of family inheritance along with 21 centuries innovation and techniques in my food art. And my mom came as abundance of inspiration back then.
I am a Certified Master Chef.
Having 3 Master degrees and 1 Technical Degree of Hotel Management with specialization in food production.
I am Haccp certified from Dubai.
Now want to do PhD in food production.
Having 13 years running Experience in Hotel industry and hospitality education sector. Currently working as a Director Operations at Ihmcs Jaipur.
Awards and Achievements:-
Ambassador of Best of Gastronomie International for Rajasthan India.
Executive Member of world Association of Master chefs
Proud Member of ICF, WICA, SICA, IFCA, WACS and more than 40 National and International chef’s associations.
Awarded Best Culinary Educator 2021 by Food critics and bloggers association India.
Member of Club Mundo culinario India Team.
Got Certificate of Excellence Award from many national and international chef’s associations.
Got gold medal for the title of golden chef 2021 from Best of Gastronomie international .
I am a national and international culinary jury as well …
Selected as a jury member for hospitality culinary world cup 2021 Malaysia.
Selected as jury member for Belgium Tourism and culinary festival 2021.
Selected as culinary jury at national level cooking competition.
I am always ready to learn because I think learning should never be stopped .
I have nominated as a Best Chef (Indian cuisine) Achievers award 2021 by leamanah & AB Consulting.


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