Whether you’ve had a reading before or you’re a complete newbie, experts say tarot is for anyone and everybody. And you don’t need to be psychic to tap into the magic it holds, consistent with Anastacia Anastacio, a tarot reader and spiritual coach based in l. a. who teaches people tarot online through her Tarot Alchemy Academy. Although, don’t be surprised if you discover yourself feeling some serious That’s So Raven powers when you start picking up your tarot deck and doing spreads.
Meet the Experts: Maloni Babbar. a tarot reader and spiritual coach based in Jalandhar Punjab, She may be a tarot reader and a spell caster also a reiki practitioner, and a manifestation coach.
She also did pendulum dowsing
Remedies expert. Numerologist and palmistry.
Runes expert
Dice divination.
Lenormand card reader.
Tarot was born when people from many cultures came together to draw pictures which synthesizes the spiritual knowledge from many mystery traditions,” says Emily Ridout, an astrologer, tarot card reader, numerologist, and yoga teacher based in Oregon.
What is a tarot spread, and the way do they work?
“A tarot spread is an intentional layout of the cards where each placement represents a solution to a question,” says Maloni Babbar. “We can use spreads if we try to get insight into a situation, or are making a choice and feel overwhelmed.”
Maloni Babbar recommends keeping your question to the tarot open-ended and not a straight-up yes or no doubt (except one spread—more on that in a sec!).
“Instead of asking ‘Does Tommy like me?,’ ask ‘What do I want to know about Tommy?’” Maloni Babbar advises. This leaves the beginner (or, as I prefer, Bebe witch) more room to urge insight into the situation.
How can a person learn tarot card reading from you?
A person can learn tarot through the workshops which I conduct. It is a 20 to 25 days workshop so that anyone can learn and become a certified tarot card reader and a spell caster.
Yes And No Tarot Spread
Although yes or no questions usually aren’t encouraged with tarot, Honigman makes an exception with this spread. “Life isn’t black and white,” Honigman adds. “Sometimes, both ways can determine, and sometimes, neither option is sweet .”
To do this spread, ask the deck about the result of something, like “Should I quit my job?” Then, pull two cards and lay them side by side. the cardboard on the left represents yes, and therefore the card on the right represents no.
Always specialize in the present. We only sleep in the present; the past is the present gone and the future is the present that hasn’t come yet. regardless of the way you look at it, you will always be in the now.
This, as within the now, is the time to work on creating a life you love, so ask your questions from that standpoint. Don’t fuss over what might happen someday, and instead, search for what you can do now to be happy.
Do ask: What am I able to do now to be happy?
Asking this question is great and provides self-empowered energy to your reading. Tarot can offer you step-by-step insights into the energy you are currently embodying and the energies you should embrace to get where you need to be.
Don’t ask: When will I be happy?
This question may be a mixed signal, as happiness has got to happen in the now. Tarot won’t understand this type of question. With some ideas on the way to approach your tarot card readings, have fun, keep an open mind, and keep your specialization in what you can do.
“This is an efficient, useful spread…and I recommend it to anyone,” Maloni Babbar.


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