If you haven’t immediately achieved all you set out to, “Be gentle — Don’t punish or criticise yourself`

First we need to understand , this is global situation and we all are going through with this and this pandemic will eventually pass.And every one has to  return to normality which can be an overwhelming experience and we need to pace ourselves.

I did my best to keep my self busy in activities and delivered my 100% . I know one theory that after every hard times there is good time comes and I believed this too will go. There was always a pressure of business, work,this anxiousness really made me worry but then I realised there is no point making you discomfort. As anxieties always makes you impatient and this is unforeseen which beyond our control and the entire globe is victim of this situation.  

  1. Stay Connected with my Work . 
  2. Making variety of Food Recipe.
  3. Continued Workouts to release stress and anxiety
  4. Funny things which has no meaning but makes you smile and easy
  5. Making habit of reading positive which motivate and narrate one’s tough time how they have dealt with. One way of mediation

If you being confined in one kind of activity this may cause discomfort and bound to cause friction between you and your creation so try to keep yourself to engage multiple things which keeps you busy whether its reading books , making good recipe , workout , practicing mediation , networking  , new creation , being funny . This time no one will judge you with your doings.  

The art of being happiness with in oneself :-Avoid your cautious concerned as we all know this will create the unwanted stress

Social connectedness: .It doesn’t matter how GOOD and PERFECT” you are at the arts of oneself  but its an important that you did initiate. I tired phone calls and video calls to others to Stay in touch which has never been easier before.

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